So, A Toilet Paper Delivery Truck Literally Burst Into Flames

Okay, but how is toilet paper going to save you from the virus?

So, by now everyone and their mum is either hoarding toilet paper or knows someone who is. Why some Aussies think toilet paper is somehow going to get them through the coronacrisis, I don’t know.

Even online stores like Who Gives A Crap are completely sold out, and supermarket shelves are left barer than the Chinese restaurants abandoned by racist hysterical Aussie customers.

Shops have been frantically restocking, but we’ve got bad news for you non-hysterical Aussies that just want to wipe ya’ ass in peace.

One of the delivery trucks with a whole restock’s worth of toilet paper in Brisbane literally… well… burst into flames.

Some people on Twitter are claiming that some toilet paper has been rescued and will still be making it to supermarket shelves.

Others are less optimistic.

I for one, really doubt that toilet paper companies are behind this mess, because no company could have anticipated the sheer stupidity of Australian hysterics. Sorry, but toilet paper hoarding is not going to make a difference to your coronavirus experience. All it does is leave vulnerable Aussies who can’t afford to bulk buy in the dust.

Image Sources: Twitter.

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