10 Most In-Demand Travel Destinations In 2020 Worth Visiting

Is anyone else’s New Years resolution to travel more?

‘Tis the season, folks – it’s summer, the sun is shining, the smoke is choking, and we know you’re itching for the year to end. Mainly so you can kiss goodbye to the bad mems of 2019, but also look forward to all the adventures at this turn of the decade (feel old yet?).

The summer travel bug has honestly bitten me already, and I can’t stop dreaming about all the places that there are to see (and of course, all the money that we need to see them ?).

So to solve ya wanderlust problems, we’ve partnered with 1Cover to bring you all the best travel destinations that we know you want to hit up in 2020, so read on and get packing.

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#1 Singapore

A crowd-pleaser, you can’t go wrong with Singapore. If you’ve watched Crazy Rich Asians, you’ll know what we’re talking about – that movie was basically a huge tourism ad for Singapore and we’re not even complaining. Innovative, safe, and freaking beautiful AF, Singapore is our #1 must see of 2020.

#2 The Seychelles

Want the summer vacay of your dreams? The islands of Seychelles are guaranteed to give you the beach vibe that we’re drooling over. With crystal clear water, glorious sunsets, white sand and year-round good weather that can help you escape the student or corporate life, it’s the perfect relaxation destination.

#3 Japan

Japan is the country that’s for everyone – it’s got a seamless fusion of both modern, tech-obsessed cities and ancient traditions with beautiful mountain and water views. Whether you’re into nature and finding yourself in spiritual places, or more of the 4G 4Eva crowd, Japan can be perfect for either one.

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#4 Sri Lanka

After the tragic events in April this year, it’s easy to understand why Sri Lanka took a bit of a dip in tourism in the months after – but the country is seriously special. In fact it’s so special that at the end of 2018, Lonely Planet said it was the number one travel destination in the world. From the fab mix of culture and aesthetic, to it’s vastly improved public transport system, and rising surf scene – it’s honestly got something for everyone. Sri Lanka needs you more than ever right now, and you’ll be surprised how much you need Sri Lanka.

#5 Bhutan

Taking the #1 spot on Lonely Planet’s list, we’re not sleeping on Bhutan. The place is known not just for it’s breathtaking views and fresh mountain air – they’re actually the first fully organic nation in the world. A mysterious and beautiful Buddhist culture, it’s ancient and traditional whilst also still being modern and global AF in it’s sustainability and organic farming – def a must-see for the ethically conscious travellers.


#6 Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a natural wonderland – it has serene waters, volcanoes, and even spooky caves. Basically, pretty much ever natural experience adventure nuts would LOVE. On top of that, it is one of the most biodiverse places in the world, with incredible wildlife. And 90% of its energy is renewable. Plus, it has a sloth sanctuary – do I really need to say much more?

#7 Finland

Finland is the winter wonderland destination you need to hit up if you’re not one for hot Aussie summer. It was #1 on Globe Hunter’s own travel destination list, because it’s super safe, everyone is friendly, the air is pure AF, and it has the highest happy score. Grab a bae and get cozy, because the snow is super romantic too.

And just an FYI – if you are the warm weather type, Finland is actually fantastic in summer too.The nature exploration soaked in sunshine is incredible, with beautiful forests and extra long days so you can frolic among the trees for as long as you like. Really, it’s an all-rounder so it’s no surprise that it’s #1 on Globe Hunter’s list.

#8 South Korea

With beautiful temples, rolling hills and lush greenery contrasting with the high tech city of Seoul, South Korea has a lot to offer. In South Korea you can travel like an influencer, with a great internet connection and modern luxury, and without having to give up pretty green views and spirituality.

#9 Portugal

The Portugese surfing scene is a force of its own, and when you couple that with cute, brightly coloured Insta-worthy architecture, then you’ve got the perfect summer destination for your getaway travel plans.

#10 Indonesia (Particularly Sumatra)

Wild, explosive and a whole lot of adventure, Sumatra in an island in Indonesia and is perfect for those who want to feel like they’re entering a whole new world when they travel. With jungles full of rare wildlife like orangutans, tigers and rhinos, and calm beaches in the midst of green wilderness, it’s an island adventure that is sure to wow.

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