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Sorry Sydney, It Doesn’t Look Like The Lockout Laws Are Being Removed Anytime Soon

Bit of a stitch up this.

It’s no secret that since the introduction of the lockout laws, four fateful years ago, Sydney’s nightlife has dwindled. And it’s been a bit of a mess since.

Keep Sydney Open is a well-known political party who pride themselves on putting forth ideas and policies surrounding how and why we should reinvigorate Sydney’s nightlife. The party leader, Tyson Koh, has gone on record to say that “we don’t have our playground anymore and the whole world is talking about it”.

It seems that over time the willingness of young people (those who keep the nightlife active) as well as others have just stopped going out, period. At the very beginning of the lockout laws we all rallied with Keep Sydney Open and some of us still do. However, it’s pretty clear that some people just don’t give a damn anymore, they just cannot be bothered to even leave home. This has really hurt Sydney big time, in more ways than one.

Around a month ago, multiple articles were published in joy around the news that Sydney’s nightlife would soon be revamped as lockout laws were soon to been abolished. This was really widespread. Unfortunately, it looks like these little claims could be completely false. However, talk to any young person around Sydney and they might tell you that the laws are being removed soon.

But here’s the thing right, the lockout laws are supposedly going to be voted on. The idea of a parliamentary vote has been put forth in the past by Gladys Berejiklian and other politicians, to no avail – yet. The saga basically keeps dragging on, and you better believe that it’s likely to continue to stall for the foreseeable future.

So, will we ever receive a definitive answer? Honestly, who knows – the Greens will continue to put the pressure on. But it’s going to drag, and drag, and drag.

With all the political backwash going on, it’s important to remember Sydney could still be thriving.

At the heart of it, Sydney as a city ain’t dead. There is actually so, so much to do in the Harbour City. Good gigs, good bars, good food. Even with the time limit set on entry, heaps of people are trying to make a difference – and reclaim Sydney’s status as a place to be.

The aforementioned Keep Sydney Open has been rallying to abolish the lockout laws and convince the government to dedicate more money to live music and entertainment. And over the past few years KSO has been held together by Tyson Koh.

Tyson has put forth the notion that the NSW government pledges 24 million dollars across four years to live music.

“One thing we are really pushing for is for the state government to give the attention and support both morally and also financially to our music community,” he said.

“We want the state government to fund our live music industry to the tune of $24 million dollars over a four year period, which is exactly what the state of Victoria do.”

It’s a huge ask, but it would revitalise Sydney’s nightlife 10-fold. And it’s so needed. So write to your local MP, march in the streets and help take back the nightlife which would allow Sydney to regain its rightful place as a global city.

The lockout laws will hopefully be removed one day, but it isn’t a sure thing just yet. And it’s up to us to turn our voices into change.

Image Source: Keep Sydney Open Facebook 

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