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TV Crossovers That Bring Your Favourites Together

The TV universe is a wild and wonderful place. Thanks to Netflix we don’t even have to wait to immerse ourselves in the wonder. Sometimes characters are so unique you just imagine them meeting in a bar by accident. Well when the studios can agree that’s exactly what happens, here’s a host of crossovers that unite all our faves in one place.

New Girl Meets Brooklyn Nine Nine

Put some New Girl in your Brooklyn. Oh yes this is one to watch. The awkward humour of each show combined is sure to make for stellar viewing. Will Nick and Jake bond? Most likely. Will Winston speak of his police officer days? You betcha. Hilarity guaranteed.

Arrested Development Meets Law and Order

Munch is Law and Order SVU‘s best character. He’s cynical, he’s odd and he hung out in internet chat rooms discussing conspiracy theories before the rest of us. Teaching a free scrapbooking class, where do we sign up. Maybe in the next crossover he can meet Lindsay and the rest of the AD gang. Please make it happen.

The Jeffersons Meets The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air

This crossover managed to span for decades, when the favourite characters from the hit 70s show tagged along for the fifth season of The Fresh Prince. In ‘Will Is From Mars’, the characters collide at a relationship councillors office. The episode is filled with Yo Mama jokes and beating each other with sponge bats. It makes for absolutely cheesy watching, but that’s all part of the charm.

Community Meets Cougar Town

Yes Cougar Town is that show you only watch because Monica’s in it. But inject a little crazy Abed from Community cameo and it’s worth a view. It’s short and sweet but is an on point representation of Abed. Kooky as ever and wonderfully weird.

Orange Is The New Black Meets Black Mirror

So this one isn’t a full length episode, it’s just Netflix giving the people what they want. This is what would happen is the two shows collided and the 80s threw up neon and glitter all over it. Reuniting Poussey and Taystee for some guaranteed cheeky smiles by all watching on.

The Simpsons Meets Family Guy

Then Peter takes on Springfield and meets his yellow counterpart Homer, this is one of the best. Things are about to get real meta, expect crossover jokes galore. Homer and Peter bond over donuts, Stewie and Bart bond over prank calls and oh boy is it glorious.

Marvel Universe Meets Agents of S.H.I.E.LD.

The Marvel universe takes on a world of its own, literally. The narrative is expansive but it’s all connected. Agents of S.H.I.E.LD contextualises that whole Avengers aftermath and goes deep into the history of the agency. Agent Carter sees a delightful insight into Tony Stark’s dad, the inspiration of Jarvis and how Hydra came about. If you’re in deep then dive a little deeper, because Jessica Jones, Daredevil and Luke Cage are all expected to weave together. For those left unsatisfied by those end of movie trailers, this is for you.

Sabrina The Teenage Witch Meets Boy Meets World

Time travelling witch Sabrina and Salem take on the 70’s with this crossover into Boy Meets World. The costumes, the jokes and the sitcom laughs are retro enough to keep you engaged. Go go boots, a disco, afros everywhere and a little magic make for a crossover worth tuning into.

That’s So Raven Meets Hannah Montana and The Suite Life of Zack and Cody

Disney’s ultimate crossover brought together the best characters for an episode at the Tipton Hotel. Admit it, it really shook up your Saturday Disney morning. Two shaggy blonde twins, our favourite psychic and a super popstar. Warning this will make you feel a little old.

Arrow Meets The Flash

You’ve experienced the Marvel universe but the superhero craze doesn’t stop there. DC have taken their turn and fused Green Arrow with The Flash himself in a neat little crimefighting episode. If you’re into expansive storylines and multiple TV crossovers, watch out for The Flash in Supergirl. And eventually on every other show, but no complaints.

The Office UK Meets The Office US

What happens when the two worst bosses in the world meet? Oh they love each other. Whether you watch the US version led by Michael Scott or the original UK version led by David Brent, you will roll with laughter at this exchange. Lame dad jokes, asides to camera and an ignorance of political correctness that is pure hilarity. The Office TV crossover may just be the best there is.

Image source: Digital Spy UK.

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