You Can Now Date A Sexy Anime Colonel Sanders In KFC’s New PC Game

Because, that’s what we’ve always wanted…?

All your jokes about marrying KFC have finally become real – now you can legit date a hot (nay, finger lickin’) anime Colonel Sanders, because KFC just made it’s own dating sim game.

Yup, you heard right. KFC has just released a new product, and it’s a PC game you can get on Steam.

The game is called “I Love You, Colonel Sanders! A Finger Lickin’ Good Dating Simulator.” I know, a goddamned mouthful. Which, by the way, is honestly giving me heart pulpataions because of the amount of joke material here. A mouthful of KFC? A mouthful of Colonel Sanders? Don’t tempt me.

In this stimulatio- oops I mean simulation, you’re a student at a culinary school where you meet the (soon to be) famous Colonel Sanders. You’ve got the option to try and date this absolute Zaddy, and be his business partner. Which I mean, actually sounds a bit dodgy, but sure let’s date our powerful potential bosses amirite.

KFC Main Characters

You: a student at a culinary school with a promising future

KFC Daddy Colonel Sanders, Steam.

Colonel Sanders: The absolute daddy of a classmate that you’re thirsting after. Technically you don’t have to date him and can just vye for a business partnership, but that sounds just as boring as real life so it’s a no from me.

The Best Friend: Her name isn’t on the promos yet, but your best friend adores you and is a total cutie.

Of course the girl has giant boobs. Steam.

Aeshleigh: Your arch nemesis, who’s just as pretentious as that goddamn extra ‘e’ in her name. For someone reason she also has those huge anime boobs that make me want to cry, but let’s just move past that because you really can’t reason with anime girl design.

Professor Dog: Okay, he’s not a main character but how could we not talk about the fact that your culinary professor is a freakin’ corgi. Apparently he’s going to lay down the law with your cooking skills – too bad he’s not this strict about health and safety with animals in the kitchen.

There’s a total of 9 characters that you can interact with, and heaps of hours of game play. Like any simulator, you have heaps of choices to make, and all of them have legitamate consequences in the game that’ll make or break your friendships.

Also, in the Steam description it says ’11 herbs and spices’ as part of the game contents? Um, excuse me?! Plus, the game says that it has ‘secret recipes.’ Are these actual KFC recipes?! I guess there’s only one way to find out…

The game releases on 24 September, 2019 on Steam.

Image Sources: Twitter, Steam. 

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