5 Cheap Eats In Sydney Under $10 To Get You Through Til Pay Day

Sydney is certainly not an affordable city to roam on your own dime, in fact it can be alarmingly exxy. Whatever you’ve got left from your monthly pay check goes straight to that mid-century, stripped paint share house room you call a home. But if you don’t fancy slurping mee goreng well into the week’s end, nor indulging in solo drinks instead of hitting what’s left of the town, we’ve got just the meal ticket.

#1 Mappen

What is it that’s so incredibly comforting about a steaming hot bowl of soup? The aroma filling the little restaurant in which you sit, the steam rolling off the noodles and a fine glaze of bubbles bursting from the surface. Ahem, well Mappen is the place to make all of your noodliest dreams come true. There’s so many varieties to choose from under that $10 bar we set ourselves, you could eat out all week here under budget. The CBD spot has just reopened after a little refurb, so it’s even more enjoyable for long slurp sessions. Whether you chose curry or kake, udon or soba, you’re sure to leave here fed well and with a full wallet.

#2 New Shanghai

I’m going to come right out and say it, these are the best dumplings in town. A big call yes, but an untruth it is not, as a finessed dumpling consumer of chopstick mastery I can confirm New Shanghai as a superb venue for bang for your buck. An 8 piece offering of xiao long bao, everyone’s favourite parcel of steaming hot soup and a morsel of pork, will set you back a mere $8.70. Not to mention if you come in a crowd and split the bill, you’ll get to eat like a king for a surprisingly insignificant fee. With locations in Chatswood, Ashfield and the CBD, you can always rely on New Shanghai to deliver delightful mouthfuls.

#3 El Jannah

Any man, woman or child lucky enough to sample the fine charcoal goodness of El Jannah raves about it for days to come. Months after even, any good Sunday hangover craving involves their rotisserie rolls or Lebanese take on the chicken shop fare. It’s best you venture west to one of El Jannah’s location with an empty stomach and eager eyes, as you’ll be leaving with an urge to unbuckle your belt and undo a button or two. If you’re scraping by tuck into a chilli chicken burger and you’ll have change for a tenner to take home.

#4 Griddle King

Serving up a fine fusion of Tawaianese, Chinese and French flavours and the humble wrap encasing it all, Mr Bingz wraps are certainly worth the chatter surrounding them. Mostly thanks to the French element, where the wrap in fact is a light as air crepery incarnation. Whether in Eastwood, the CBD, or within delivery range, these wraps are the answer to all your lunchtime hunger woes. Our pick is the fine Korean offering of chilli laden pork with an extra dollop of chilli mayo, dolled up all tight for your gripping pleasure. For $8.90 no less, so gather an office crew and order yourself a hunger pang busting lunchtime munch without going into overdraft.

#5 Burger Project

Neil Perry was once known for his fine ponytail and his fine dining, now only one of those things is true. The luscious locks remain and his fine dining all but replaced with savvy fast food options that meet demand like no other. Burger Project jumped aboard the bun craze at just the right moment and you can get your hands on a classic serving for less than $10. Don’t let your fiscal concerns hold you back from a cheesy catchup or a team luncheon, it helps a little too that their meaty selection is all but sublime. Pickles galore.

Image source: Go West Gourmet, New Shanghai, Mappen, Hospitality Magazine, 2 Hungry Guys, Burger Project. 

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