5 Lazy Ways To Make Your Partner Smile

Your partner has had a shit day and is obviously cranky af. You for one, can’t stand it and it’s your job to turn that frown upside down. Here’s a couple of ways to give put a smile back on their face and get you in the good books at the same time.

#1 Pick Up Their Favourite Food

Food is the easiest ways to make 99.9% of people in this world happy as Larry. It’s the unofficial language of love. Go to the shop and grab them their favourite food for instant happiness. You can pick up your favourite at the same time too. Bonus.

#2 Watch Their Favourite Show With Them

Yes, you hate watching The Bachelor or the NRL. No, you don’t have a clue what’s going on. But you know what? Spending an hour or so pretending you’re interested will make them happy that you’re into something they like. You never know, it might become a guilty pleasure by the end.

#3 Flowers & Beer

As much as I say I hate getting flowers, I love getting flowers. Not for the fact of putting them in a vase in my room, but the sentiment means a lot. Guys, get your girl some flowers. She’ll love them (and you). Period.

Girls, a 6 pack of their favourite tipple is probably a good go to. A nice cold one after a long day is likely to put (most) things right.

#4 Tell Them You Love Them

There’s nothing a little ‘I love you’ can’t fix.

#5 Make Dinner (And Wash Up)

It’s the little touches. Surprise your partner with dinner and wash up after too. It doesn’t have to be anything hard. Trust me, I’d appreciate someone even putting a shop bought lasagne in the oven for me if it meant not cooking. Do the dishes for extra brownie points.

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