Small And Inexpensive Things You Can Do For Your Partner To Show Them How Much You Care

Be the best bf or gf on a budget.

Being a millennial is so hard – you breathe and somehow spend $20. Just when you thought life couldn’t get any more expensive, you chuck a partner in the mix and your expenses somehow go through the roof. Like, how? It’s so hard when your S/O deserves to be surprised with a puppy or a one way ticket to Paris, but you can barely afford to shout them dinner at the local pub. So we’ve compiled a ‘lil list of all the best ways to be the best baes (on a budget). Thank us later.

Make Them Dinner

A simple spag bol (or baked beans on toast if you’re really that broke) will do the trick. It’s the thought that counts and your partner will appreciate you putting in the effort. Massive dating brownie points for you!

Write Them A Letter

Okay this one literally costs $0 but is worth a $1 million in the currency of love (cringe, sorry). Pour your heart out and write down all the reasons you love them.

Clean Their House / Room For Them

This one is so simple but so thoughtful. No one really likes cleaning (you’re lying to yourself if you do). Your bae will be so grateful that you did such a sucky task, just to show them how much you care. Just pack the wet wipes.

Bring Them Coffee In Bed

Imagine your S/O’s adorable face waking you up with a nice hot flat white/soy cap/double shot almond late with one. Okay maybe it’s just a $1 coffee from 7 Eleven (masked in a keep cup) but it’s still such a thoughtful gesture.

Send Them Cute Love Songs

Randomly text them songs that remind you of them. Or really sappy love songs that are “Sooooooo you guys.” Lucky by Jason Mraz, Better Together by Jack Johnson or My Favourite Part by Mac Miller and Ariana Grande are highly recommended.

Invite Them To Hang Out With Your Friends/Fam

Show them how serious you are about your relo. Your partner will love being included in the most important parts of your life.

Take The Time To Read Their Fav Books / Watch Their Fav Movies / Listen To Their Fav Bands

Taking the time to understand something that is important to them will mean so much to your partner. Being able to talk about their fav things with you is guaranteed to make bae happy. And hey, if they love it you probably will too.

Surprise Them With A Cheesy Date Night

A pillow fort, movie night or picnic won’t break the bank. Seriously the more cheesey the better (if you’re really lacking, go have a squizz at some of our suggestions for the best Cheesy Date Night Ideas.

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