5 Of The Best Sydney Maker Spaces To Get Your Craft On

Making is definitely coming back in a big way and it’s something I’m super excited about.  As an avid maker myself, I’m always on the lookout for new pop-up shops featuring handmade wares from local designers. Or workshop spaces where local makers can run workshops to spread the joy of ‘handmade’.  I enjoy watching the creative landscape in New South Wales develop as this new wave of artesian lifestyle blows in.

There are little shops cropping up in the most of unlikely places, and heaps of new creative hubs offering courses and workshops so you can join in and give hand-making a go.  Maybe you’d like try something with a bunch of friends,  or your partner?  Or maybe it’s the perfect ‘do something new’ to tick off you New Year’s resolutions list!  Check out the creative spaces below and pop onto their websites to see what’s on.

#1 Maker’s Loft

Located in Cammeray, the Maker’s Loft has a lot to offer being part café- part creative classes.  They run different workshops throughout the year, as well as hiring their space out to any creative wanting to run a workshop.  If you go in, you’ll get a chance to look at their café menu as well as their craft menu and you won’t be disappointed.  They have packages that grant you access to their ‘Tinker’ Studio and you’ll be able to play with their tools and supplies.  Don’t have a sewing machine at home? Don’t worry, Maker’s Loft have got you covered.

#2 Little Lane Workshops

Little Lane Workshops in Warriewood have messages across all their social channels telling one important message ‘new workshops added regularly’ and you’d be a fool to think they’re exaggerating.  Class sizes stay to a comfortable level, activities are always fun and the makers come from across the city to run high quality, fun and beautiful craft sessions.  From free form weaving, to polymer jewellery, crochet, resin, coiling, shibori and brush lettering.  That doesn’t even scrape the surface of variety and quality of the classes at Little Lane.  Once you go, you’ll be hooked!

#3 Piper & Ross

Piper and Ross in Pymble are a homewares shop dedicated to collecting and sharing handmade creations from artists around the world.  Recently they have branched out of just collecting and selling beautiful things and opened up a new world with their workshops and masterclasses.  All their classes are skill developing and many of them are great skill builders for a bit of furniture restoration later.  Check out Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint classes… endless DIY possibilities.

#4 ‘Studio Make’

Cute crafts and easy DIYs is what Studio Make in Fairlight are all about.  They have classes and workshops on how to make Kokedama aka hanging mossy plant balls, basketry, embroidery and a classic favourite- watercolours.  Plus, if body-products are up your alley they always have a selection of soap and candle making classes. Hop online and see what they have coming up on their roster!

#5 Makerspace & Co

A self-titled ‘place for people to make things’ Makerspace & Co are no frills making at its best.  No shop, no shine, just classes and people who want to learn, make and design.  Their classes cover all the different stock standard areas, textiles, ceramics, woodworks and machinery skills.  Their classes range in price, so hop online and see what you want to get into.  They have lessons for all skill sets and levels, and many are designed for you to continue to profess as your skills progress.  Tucked away in Marrickville, Makerspace & Co has all the workshops.

Image source: Concrete Playground. 

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