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5 Sneaky And Simple Sleep Hacks For An Actually Proper Night’s Sleep

No more tired mornings then, yes?

Getting a good night’s sleep every night can be really difficult, especially when you’re working all day from early in the AM to late at night. Turning off your brain and having a restful sleep is a challenge that takes a lot of effort. Although it’s a big change, it’s a sure way to get a consistent good night’s sleep, every night.

#1 Total Darkness

Complete and utter darkness. Since a lack of light sends signals to the brain telling it that it’s time to sleep, immersing yourself in darkness is extremely important for a good night’s sleep. No TV, no computer lights, nothing. If you really must use technology, consider downloading apps that prevent blue light. Most smartphones these days have a built in ‘night-mode’ setting too, and if you really struggle with getting nocturnal, try looking into blockout curtains (dw, they’re cheap and stylish too, win-win).

#2 Room Temperature

Room temperature is another huge factor of the quality of sleep you receive. Since your body decreases in temperature whilst trying to sleep, any temperature too hot or too cold can easy disturb your sleep and potentially lead to restlessness. According to research, the best temperature for a good night’s sleep is anywhere between 16-19 degrees Celsius.

#3 Wind Down Time

Giving yourself time to wind down and relax is essential for getting the best sleep possible. That time may include lighting a couple candles and reading a book, or having a warm bath or shower. Whatever it is that helps you relax, take an hour for yourself to do so. Your mind and body will thank you.

#4 A Great Pillow

A great pillow will be your best friend whilst sleeping. It’s important to understand what kind of pillow suits your neck best and what kind of support you are looking for. While some need a super squishy feather pillow, others may need a firmer memory foam. Take a trip to your nearest mattress/home store and take time to test what feels the most comfortable for you. It will seriously change your life!

#5 No More Midnight Snacks

One of the most important things to do in order to get a great night’s sleep is to stop eating several hours before you sleep. Eating right before bed is a sure way to keep your body running overtime and digesting overnight, meaning you’re only going to wake up even more sluggish. Resist the urge for late night eating after dinner and let your body digest pre-bed.

Putting even a couple of these steps into your sleeping pattern will make a huge difference to how rested you feel when you wake up, which means less yawning in your boss’s face!

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