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5 Sneaky Sleep Hacks That’ll Help You Avoid Falling Asleep At Work

Ah yes the dreamy land of sleep and bedtime, it only becomes a more attractive place as the years go on. Remember that almost ludicrous time when you actually hated the idea of going to sleep as a kid? God, how ignorant our seven-year-old selves were.

But even though we all crave a good night’s rest, how often do we actually get it? Is it even possible? Well, for many of you out there getting to sleep might be a struggle in itself, then trying to not wake up at 3.30am every night, well that’s a whole other issue.

So we’ve teamed up with Koala to bring you a few helpful tips that’ll bring you maximum shut eye. And we’re also giving away 10 MiGOALS x Koala Sleep Journals, so click here to enter or scroll to the bottom of the page! On with the hacks..

#1 Aim For Similar Bed And Wake Up Time

God this is hard, it really is but you will thank us. Maintaining a roughly similar sleep and getting up time helps your mind get into a rhythm, and it wont happen (pardon the pun) overnight. As you can imagine going to sleep at 10pm then midnight, then 9pm, then 2am just isn’t going to help anyone and your mind will be a bit frazzled. Your mind will start to realise naturally when sleep or wake up time is, and it’ll become easier to actually drag yourself (or get into) bed.

#2 Get Your Pre-Sleep Plan On Point

Schedule schedule schedule! Your plan before bed is proven to be vital in managing effective shut eye, but man habits are just so, so hard to get going. It’s a mission trying to be consistent with brushing and flossing your teeth, let alone having a full plan before bed. But it’s worth it, friends.

Look at it from a sports point of view, (most) teams or athletes warm up before jumping onto the field for a game. So it’s just a time before bed to warm yourself up for the counting-sheep time that awaits. If you’re a newbie here, think 30-60 minutes before your normal sleep time, or 90 if you’re really committed (you go Glen Coco). Have your structure set, maybe write down some goals every night or two and start trying to get that consistency.

#3 Get Romantic

Think of it this way, what would you do on most date nights? Maybe a bit of mood lighting, almost certainly no mobile phones, and a pretty relaxed state of mind. Well it’s time to apply some of your Tinder traits to your sleeping troubles. Going from bright fluorescent lights to complete darkness naturally shocks the system (you know the feel when you come out of a day time movie and it’s still super bright?). So dim the lights in your house/apartment/room and maybe chuck on some really chill music.

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Get your romantic mind ticking and treat your mind as a +1. Feed it some calm down material via a book,  maybe take a warm shower or just any general techniques that start to ease your night down. Try to avoid your mobile or Netflix (if possible) and allow your brain to slowly unwind before hitting the hay.

#4 Have A Final Activity To Get You To Dreamland

When you’re all but ready to sleep, have one final activity that completes your move from relatively awake to completely ready for bed. Think stretching, or meditation or even just sucking in a few big breaths -whatever you vibe. Just make sure it isn’t too strenuous or overpowering from a mental state. You want something that you brain thinks “heck yes, meditation! That means it’s bed time next.”

It’s like the final piece in the puzzle that will zen you right down to your best pre-sleep relaxation point.

#5 Monitor Your Shut Eye

There are tonnes of apps around for monitoring, and they actually work a charm. It’s easy to forget just how damn important sleep is, in fact it’s often considered more important than physical activity. And if you regularly go to the gym or exercise, you probably monitor your performance there right? Like how much weight have you lost, or how much muscle have you gained. So why treat sleep any different?

Sleep monitoring apps help track deep sleep, REM, snoring, and how long you’ve actually been awake for (this’ll surprise ‘ya guaranteed). It’s potentially even worth a dollar or two to track your overall sleep traits and figure out just how much of an effect those benders are having on you.

Struggle with sleep? Dw, you’re definitely not alone, friend. That’s why our fave pals at Koala have teamed up with MiGOALS to bring you their very own Sleep Journal – and we have 10 to give away! The journal will help you get some structure and set a few sleep goals, and you can enter below or on our WIN page! Get moving, sleepers.

Win A Koala/MiGOALS Sleep Journal!

Simply chuck in your details below, and tell us the first word that comes to your mind when you think of your bed. Bonus points for LOLs! Good luck!

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