5 Stops In Adelaide For Your Weekend Brunch

As the week draws on one of the only guiding lights at the end of the working tunnel is weekend food right? Surely I’m not the only one. The weekend is dotted – much to my bank account’s dismay – with meal after meal and beverage after beverage. And after a big night out, you bet I’m going to devour a Sunday brunch with pride. Napkin free no less. So if you’re nursing an achy head or you’re just a foodie in search of your next bite, here’s where to stop in Adelaide for your first meal of the day.

#1 The Grand Bar on Moseley Square

A breakfast tower, the stacked variety of breakfast food brought to your table like a high tea offering to share. But depending on your appetite, you could dive into in pairs. The upper tier is for the pickers and the snackers, croissants and fruit salad. Descend a level and you’ll find eggs beno piled onto smashed avo, but that’s not all. The bottom rung is a big breakfast, with the lot. Gather a crew or take the challenge in a smaller group, while gazing out over the water. This is Olympic eating.

#2 Karma and Crow

Too photogenic to eat? This Richmond cafe will have you questioning just that. Ricotta hotcakes dusted with a curl of fairy floss, just to touch on your carnival kid dreams. Or try the house made cornbread partnered with chorizo, tomato salsa and avocado mousse. In case smashed avo just isn’t enough for you. What makes the space even cooler is the fact it’s an artists collective too, showcasing local makers and acting as an event space. The coffee is sublime too, definitely worth getting out of bed for.

#3 Mister Sunshine’s

Your all day breakfast prayers have been answered at Mister Sunshine’s. The classic cafe and buzzing favourite doesn’t do light when it comes to the most important meal of the day. Spicing up the usual brekky suspects with a hearty offering of slow roasted lamb or a chicken burger, if you arrive on the borderline of meal times. There’s a whole page dedicated to vegan options too! The pricing’s affordable, the furniture retro and the service delight.

#4 Sad: Cafe

Celebrating local spirit in every aspect, from beans to plated Sad:Cafe is an Adelaide charmer. Proximity to the uni makes for an intelligent crowd during the week, all bookish and starving for bagels. But come Saturday it’s a hungrier affair. The menu’s petite making for easy eating decisions, from french toast or fruit loaded banana bread on the sweet side; a breakfast salad or eggs served to your liking on the savoury end. Creating a cafe culture all their own at Ebenezer Place. It may even be Trump’s favourite eatery.*

*Oh god, we hope not.

#5 Whistle & Flute

A cafe and liquor bar in one leafy outdoor setting, Whistle & Flute will knock your socks off. As the name suggests so sonically (a cockney turn of phrase), through the week it’s a suits domain, but Saturday sees the dress code lighten a little. Bring your pooch along and share a meal together. Eggs your way or artisan granola sweetened by maple, there’s a twist on classics in the air here and they do it wonderfully.

Image source: The Grand Bar, Adelaide Food Central, Broadsheet, Dressed In Copper.

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