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5 Tropical Alternatives To Take Instead Of A Euro Trip

Full time job holding you down, tethered to your 9-5 responsibilities? Come winter, that everyday routine can feel particularly stifling. The weather dampening your mood to the point of abysmal productivity and your social feeds filled with glimmering sunsets abroad. If the Aussie pilgrimage to the shores of a European beach isn’t on the cards come June-July, here’s 5 alternative options that require less leave, less cash and avoid FOMO.

#1 Wander The Streets Of Singapore

What you save on flights to the far continent of Europe you can reallocate to a little luxury spend. Singapore is an enchanting mix of cultural heritage and new wonders, you can sip cocktails above the sky all night long and roam plush gardens all day too. Marina Bay Sands isn’t the only vantage point to take in the flicker of the city, head to an eatery on the harbour and you’ll get to see the skyline in all it’s glittery glory. Explore the neighbouring islands if it’s temples and untouched sandy shores you seek, or get truly lost in pursuit of a meal in the heart of the city. The flights are dirt cheap and the expat heavy crowd makes for wonderful nights out. An escape that feels further than it is.

#2 Island Hop In Fiji

Cocktails, sun and sea? The perfect combo. Take boat after boat and hop around the islands of Fiji where the local national parks demand to be explored and the beaches speak for themselves. With cheap (ish) flights, you can treat yourself to some beachside accommodation and top up your tan with a fresh coconut in hand.

#3 Explore Tropical Heaven, Hawaii

Volcanic shaped vistas and jewel stained waters, Hawaii is the very definition of paradise. Thanks to dirt cheap flights you can escape to the Polynesian islands for less than $1,000 return. Buy a lilo and float your way through your holiday, with a cocktail in hand. Or hike the headland, learn to surf, experience the vibrant culture, devour acai bowls and soak up the stellar shopping. Winter is the perfect excuse to take yourself to Waikiki, no questions asked.

#4 Swim With Whale Sharks At The Ningaloo Reef

Fancy a trip closer to home? The Ningaloo Reef in all it’s submerged wonder is for you. Best way to do it? Fly to Perth and make a road trip of it. Hire a campervan and stop off at Monkey Mia to feed dolphins on your way up and soak up the warm weather and wander about the beauty of our fine land. This is an amazing experience to try out on home soil, but if you want to venture further, you can swim with these gentle giants in the Philippines too.

#5 See The Seaside, Japan

A destination that has won over Aussies en masse, and if you haven’t been, now is your time to go. Sure there’s the bustle of Tokyo,  the temples and the kawaii culture to keep you entertained. But Japan also hides a handful of island escapes too. Okinawa is a collection of islands that will amaze you or venture to the shrine perched in the sea off the coast of Hiroshima on Miyajima Island. What summer time in Japan lacks in cherry blossoms and snow, it makes up for in beachside charm.

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