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5 Unanswered Questions We Have After Bingeing 13 Reasons Why

Please, oh goodness, do not read further unless you’ve finished the series. We don’t want to ruin it for you, but we will if you keep on rolling your finger over the mouse/ trackpad/screen. Stop now or feel the full wrath of emotion attached to the show 13 Reasons Why.

Glad we covered that. Now onto the burning questions we have after quite possibly the most draining binge session of all time. Hannah Baker’s tumultuous turn as a teenager made for gripping albeit tear-inducing viewing. But it’s an important subject to depict with earnest and as the memes roll into our feeds, it seems the show has started a conversation worth the noise. With rumours of a Season 2 on it’s way, this is what we all but demand producers to weave on in.

#1 Who Shot Alex?

Although many a report and review post the show will speak of Alex’s attempted suicide, in fact the show isn’t explicit about how his head injury came to pass. It’s important to note, because as the scenes are structured we see Tyler opening up his chest of ammo and weapons before hearing the news of Alex’s gunshot wound. As Season 2 rolls around we hope to unravel this mystery and hope even moreso that Alex makes it through regardless of the cause.

#2 Why Tony?

The trusted upholder of Hannah’s justice, it’s a regularly poised question as the series develops. Episode after episode we wait to hear how Tony is involved all for it to be left at their encounter post the dance. Although many a meme has been made about Hannah’s bar being set low for those who wronged her worthy enough to garner their own tape, Tony’s role is left out of the tangled web. Later, when he finally hands over the tapes to Hannah’s parents we see why part of the reason for Hannah’s selection, his character is certainly more upstanding than most of the unsavoury high schoolers. Please delve a little deeper next season.

#3 Will Anyone Be Prosecuted?

Bryce is surely the worst of the motley crew but he isn’t the only one liable for prosecution. Bryce’s character is depicted with an unwavering reliability to the high school experience, a Brock Turner we all know, but whether or not he will face punishment is left open ended. Beyond that, what about Sheri? Her carelessness resulted ultimately in Jeff’s untimely death. Or what also about Mr Porter, the school counsellor who let Hannah pass through his doors without offering a single iota of assistance. Season 2 better see at least a little jail time, for Hannah’s sake.

#4 How Do The Tapes Affect The Lawsuit?

The tapes may seem like an all but smoking gun for Hannah’s parents, but we imagine with their reveal will come a catch or two. In the land of the free and the brave, lawsuits are commonplace and civil action as the show depicted can bring about the worst in everyone involved. With each and every party, namely the school and the world’s worst guidance counsellor in this instance, trying to wash their hands frantically from the proverbial bloodstain. If the Baker’s do win the lawsuit, how will they spend the settlement? How will the school culture change – or will it? Many a query we have oh wise Netflix writers.

#5 What Is Tyler Hoarding All Those Guns For?

The macabre photos hanging in the dark room, the container filled to the brim with guns, and a persona not even his damaged story make likeable – what happens to Tyler is one particularly cruel cliffhanger in the series. A school shooting is alluded to but how would that come about and what does that speak too in terms of Hannah’s self made justice gone awry? We’re not sure, but Tyler certainly was an unsettling character to watch and we can only imagine as his story is explored more, we’ll be churned stomach first even moreso.

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