How To Make The Perfect Gin And Tonic At Home

Are you a fan of the classic tipple? Us too. It’s one of those drinks that goes down a real treat no matter the occasion. Not to fizzy, not to floral but just enough taste to keep you interested (unlike the unbelievably bland vodka, soda and lime that some order). When your muddling solo or preparing a bev for an at home occasion, take on board these expert tips to win up a G&T to revere.

We spoke to the experts in botanicals at Bombay Sapphire to learn the very best way to pour your classic to perfection. No grimace post sip – guaranteed.

Bombay & Tonic

>> 45ml Bombay Sapphire Gin
>> 90ml Fever Tree tonic
>> A lime to serve

#1 Fill wine glass with cubed ice.
#2 Add Bombay Sapphire gin.
#3 Squeeze a wedge of lime.
#4 Add tonic then stir.
#5 Garnish with a lime wedge on a pick.

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