5 Glorious Hot Cross Bun Recipes To Up Your Chef Game This Weekend

Although we may bicker about these festive little morsels filling our shelves as early as Boxing Day, for most the best bit of Easter is the food. Maybe you gave up your sickly sweet obsession for Lent or you’re dreaming of carbs post Passover – perhaps like me you’re not religious and all and are solely in it for the food. Well whether you want to go the whole Gordon Ramsay or prefer to adorn your store bought buns with a little finesse, these recipes are sure to wow at brunch. Long weekends are for eating all the things right?

#1 Hot Cross Bun S’Mores

Sandwiching hot cross buns with a little extra chocolate and marshmallows? We don’t need convincing the grill is ready to go. Campfire not necessary. Woolies this is genius.

#2 Pimp Your Store Bought Buns

Prefer to bake less and eat more? Thanks to Baker’s Delight you can enjoy the soft pillows of cinnamon goodness as part of a justified meal. Scrambled eggs, ice cream or berries, you choose your poison and get whipping.

#3 Hot Cross Bun Pancakes

I’m a pancakes for any meal kind of girl, the type that will endure tourist crowds at all night Pancake Parlour’s just to get a forkful of maple whipped divinity. As such this recipe is a magical fusion of all that’s good and sugary in the world. Get stacked and demolish it all.

#4 Hot Cross Bread And Butter Pudding

If you’re tasked with providing the final course at family brunch or are hoping to appease your parent’s disappointment at Easter this year, bread and butter pudding is your remedy. A dessert loved by oldies everywhere it’s like comfort in a baking tray, they’ll forget about your grades, job or all that cash you owe them by the second slice.

#5 Hot Cross Tarte Tatin 

A French twist on the classic bun, layering steaming apples and the bun shaped magic into one wonderful tart. The French are all about indulgence, so go on and devour it all.
Image source: Youtube. 

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