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All The Free Trials You Should Take Advantage Of RN

Free trials can be the bane of your life. But sometimes they’re an absolute life saver. Short on cash and don’t want to pay for delivery? Free trial. Interested in the latest series? Free trial. Need to design something quickly? Free trial.

Just please please remember to cancel them if you’re not intending to become a full time member. I’ve fallen into the trap too many times and it’s not pleasant seeing precious money being drained from your account without realising until it’s too late.

#1 Amazon Prime

I wouldn’t be surprised if most of you have already used your Amazon Prime 30 day free trial. It’s a life saver. Especially when you forget to buy a present, or you need something delivered super quickly. Better yet, it’s got heaps of other amazing features. Prime Video. Prime Music. Audible. Free online photo storage. It’s got it all. And for an amazing introductory price (until Jan 2019) of $4.99 per month, it’ll be hard to cancel your membership.

#2 Canva

Canva is hands down my favourite design tool. I’m not savvy (or rich) enough to use Photoshop and therefore I’ve found the next best thing. Beautiful pre-designed templates for anything and everything. The perfect tool to make a slick resumé, classy invitation or a grade A presentation. You can do a lot on the free version of Canva but their 30 day free trial ($12.95 per month thereafter) allows you to do so much more in terms of design. You can even save your company colour schemes and copy them over to other templates. Who needs a graphic designer, really?

#3 Audible

Need to fill your commute with something intellectual that’s not just scrolling through your socials for an hour? Listen to books. Although you can get Audible as part of your Amazon Prime free trial, you can also get a free trial on its’ own for 30 days, with your first book free too! Sign up and read listen to that book you’ve been meaning to since you can remember. Let me tell you, Stephen Fry narrating Harry Potter is the best thing you’ll hear in a long time.

#4 YouTube Premium

Another month long trial you can get in exchange for top class entertainment. Previously YouTube Red, Premium gives you ad-free watching, as well as their new music streaming service and original films and series. I, for one, hate YouTube ads with a passion and would be more than happy to rid them from my screens. Even if it is just for a month.

#5 Gyms

It’s bloody hard to bring yourself to get your gym membership. The motivation is practically non existent. (I should know.. I put off getting one, then won a 5 year membership in a competition and now I’m forced to go. I’m not complaining though, promise.) Plenty of gyms do week long passes (or similar), so you can pluck up the courage to make your initial visit, without being locked into a dreaded contract. Anytime Fitness, Snap Fitness and Fitness First all do free trials to encourage you to start gymming. Take the plunge and try them out.

Image Sources: Church Mag, Apple Base, Chris Benson 

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