The Blokes Who Streaked At The AFL Grand Final For YouTube Clout Have Made A Rubbish Apology

If you’re going to streak, at least make it worthwhile.

This year’s AFL Grand Final started off as one of the most chaotic I have ever seen.

Just in the first quarter we had a Tigers player (Nick Vlastuin) knocked out and the retiring GOAT Gary Ablett bust his shoulder seconds later. Then, later in the quarter, streakers stormed the field and had to be tackled by security.

The blokes behind the stunt were YouTubers Marty and Michael, who have posted an explainer  video documenting their ‘training’ leading up to the event, the actual streak, and their post-streak glee. Oh, and they throw in a teeny tiny apology (barely) at the end.

They say that they planned to interrupt the Grand Final well before the actual event, because all they wanted to do was score a goal on the field.

“It’s always been a childhood dream of mine to kick a goal at the AFL Grand Final, and Michael’s always dreamt of being arrested,” Marty joked.

The video also shows them buying and designing special ‘Marty and Michael’ for the event.

As for their apology, well, it’s only for “anyone who got offended”.

“We didn’t realise the ball was so close to us. We purposely went when the ball was down the other end, but it got up to us pretty quick,” says Marty.

“And at the end of the day, it’s the end of the day.”

Okay, fellas, but surely you understood how fast the ball moves in a game of professional AFL? And, plus, if you really just wanted to score a goal while the players went about their business at the other end of the field, why would you bother making the shirts (that are such obvious merchandise for your YouTube channel)?

Make it make sense, fellas, make it make sense.

The stunt only added to the absolute chaos that was the AFL Grand Final at the Gabba – and not in a good way – as AFL fans absolutely launched into the “flogs” who interrupted the game. And the pair are basking in their five minutes of fame, responding to critics with wink emojis and flippant replies.

Super cool, guys.

I don’t think I’m even mad about the stunt itself, but just the quality of it. I mean, compared to the calibre of streaks that the Gabba has had in the past, this was sub-par. If you’re going to streak, do it right. Streak.

Or, quite simply, if you want to pull a funny prank, make the prank funny?

Idk, that’s just a suggestion.

Image Sources: YouTube (Marty and Michael)

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