All The Questions You’ll Get Asked When Introduced To Your New Flirt’s Parents

The daunting stage of the relationship where the seriousness is really determined, meeting the ‘rents. You’re bound to get asked all the questions here especially if things are looking pretty serious for the two of you. Meeting the potential future in-laws parents can be daunting experience and the conversation is probably going to sound somewhat like this…

“So…  how’d you meet then?”

Chances are they’ll want to hear the love story of Romeo and Juliet (sans the dramatic deaths). If you met over tinder, you probably won’t get a great reaction. So feel free to make up a story here, as long as you’re both in on it otherwise it could land you in an awkward position.

“So what are your intentions?”

I mean… This one is going to get asked, Especially for you boys. Parents are particularly protective of daughters, so be sure not to screw it up (no pressure). Something along the lines of long-term commitment will calm their nerves (a little) in giving you their most prized possession.

“What do you do for yourself?”

I’m an artist… A sandwich artist… At subway probably isn’t the right answer here. Talk about your career plans and what you studied at Uni (if you did). If not, play it cool and talk about how much you enjoy waiting on tables because you love dealing with people (lies).

“What are your future plans?”

You mean, after I travel the world and spend all my money? Not sure. Hot tip: try and make up some bullshit answer here even if you don’t have your life together. Something along the lines of career and buying a house if you want to tell a big fat white lie and totally impress (more lies).

“How did you go academically?”

Got a red dot in my HSC, but hey! Points for trying? Nope. Try again. Was busy flirting with your son/daughter? Definite no. Maybe make mention of subjects you studied and what you liked/didn’t like. If you’re at Uni be sure to make mention of subjects you’re doing and that first year subject you got a HD in (even if it was the first and last time).

“What’s your family like?”

*Trying not to sound like a snob but also trying not to sound like a bogan* They’re… nice. This one’s pretty standard, most families would like to know what your background is like, and when the time comes they’ll be meeting your parents. So be honest and modest here.

“Do you have any interests?”

FIFA on PS4 probably won’t do you any favours, nor will your drinking habits every weekend. Surely you’ve got something a little more exciting than that. Surfing? Golf? Gym? If you’re lucky here you’ll strike gold and find a common interest with the intimidating ‘rents.

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