Astronomers Found The Furthest Known Planet In Our Solar System…And It’s Pink!

Astronomers and researchers recently came across a pink-coloured object that they think is a Dwarf planet. Officially named VG18, but nicknamed Farout, the dwarf planet is 18 BILLION kilometres from the sun.

The pink planet supposedly has its colour due to it being rich in ice. It’s also extremely slow moving, with researchers saying it takes more than 1,000 years to make one trip around the sun. Farout is 120 astronomical units away. To put that in perspective, Pluto is only 34 AU away…far out.

Found by the Carnegie Institution, the team have been searching for planets on the edge of our solar system. In particular Planet Nine, which is an Earth sized planet on the edge of the solar system. Farout is the furthest found object so far.

We think the planet is very pretty. Could it be holding some sort of life form that far out? (Pun definitely intended). We’re keen to see what else comes about with discoveries into this very pink planet.
Image Credit: Carnegie Institution

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