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Brooke Boney Slams Australia Day, And Surprise Surprise Conservatives Aren’t Happy

We’re just over a week out from what is set to be the most controversial Australia Day, perhaps in history. It feels like the country has never been more split over the topic about changing the date, and former Triple J news reader, and all-round legend, Brooke Boney has reignited the debate big time today.

As she takes on her new role on the Today show, Boney claimed she doesn’t want to celebrate Australia Day as it currently stands – citing the tremendous heartache associated with the day and her people.

And as you can imagine her thoughts and reflections weren’t exactly shared by some more conservative Australians… *facepalm*.

But honestly, why is it such a big deal to change the date of Australia Day? It’s becoming a bit of a broken record situation, where the same things from both sides of the story are being repeated. Ultimately though, does the day not have more terrible memories for Aboriginals in Australia? We’re talking about a holiday that was barely celebrated 20 years ago.

Whether you change it by one day, change it to another month, whatever the change is – the day would still be a public holiday, and it could be celebrated by every single Australian in this country.

And if there was a summary of the sad state of affairs, the below video was posted to YouTube just recently about the Boney interview, and well, try not to smash your screen (or just laugh hysterically).

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