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How To Drink Less (Without Making A Fuss)

We’re already flying through this calendar, and it wouldn’t come as a surprise if many of you had a goal of drinking a bit less this year. Whether it’s cutting down quite a bit from the regular, money sapping, benders on the town – or just (at least attempting) to not have a glass of red every night.

But here in Oz with our almost cultural drinking approach, it’s hard to abstain or lower your alcohol levels. Especially when you’re constantly getting group messages on WhatsApp about how smashed you’re going to get this weekend. But alas, all is not lost friends, so we’ve whipped up some tips to help.

Use A Cause To Spur You On

While Dry July is the annual reason to (attempt) to stop drinking, it’s helpful to use a cause of some sort to get momentum. That initial clean can be tough, don’t get me wrong – but you also feel 1000% better and healthier (of course). And hey look, if you feel like you don’t quite have it in you yet to do a whole month – maybe just jump on the train with other mates that might be doing something? Use it as an excuse of sorts to start lowering the alcohol consumption as a whole, as opposed to ridding it completely.

Be The Deso

Here is an easy way to become the absolute hero with your mates. Some of us (me at least) have serious rubber arms. If we end up at a birthday drinks and we’re trying to stay sober, that’s unlikely to be the case post the first appearance of any tequila shot. Time to embrace your inner designated driver. Pickup your mates, and because you’re probably also going to drop them home, they can’t pressure you. Your body will thank you, and so will your crew.

Gin & Tonic + Vodka Soda Over All Else

If you are just starting to keep an eye on your intake, start leaning towards drinks that are generally ‘better’ for you. Think of spirits like gin and vodka with mixers like tonic and soda. Vodka soda is commonly the drink with the least amount of calories, so these drinks and mixers tend to get processed quicker by your kidney and liver.

If you’re going to drink, go for the ‘best’ option for your body.

Alternate Your Waters

If your mates are a bunch of alcoholics like mine are, water is your friend. If you’re out at a bar with your friends and the peer pressure is real, drink water after every alcoholic drink you have to keep your stomach full.

Not only that, but it means you almost always still have a drink in hand. Pro tip, when you finish your gin and tonic, just fill that same glass with water at the bar instead of abandoning it. No one ever has to know.. good luck with this, though. It wont be easy.

Stash Your Cash

Arguably the biggest benefit of not drinking is the absurd amounts of cash you’ll save. There is a reason we never check our bank accounts on Sunday mornings, but this will really show you how much you save. Every time you go out, or were meant to go out, put how much money you think you would have spent on alcohol in a jar. And then every month, see how much money you’d save – it’ll be seriously eye opening. And hey, maybe treat yourself with a bit of that extra cash money.

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