Fast 5 Podcast: The NSW Police & JT Are In Trouble, Scotty Cam The TAFE Ambassador

5 quick things you need to know.

A report has been leaked revealing that the NSW Police have known for at least a year that strip search laws are being applied not only inconsistently, but also incorrectly. But is this a case of negligence or full-on ignorance?

Today’s full Fast 5 agenda also includes:

#1 Is it better for NSW Police to know the strip search laws and break them anyway, or to have no idea? 🚔

#2 Justin Timberlake’s in hot water after being caught on-camera [kinda] cheating with his co-star; he might’ve apologised, but what does this mean for his marriage and reputation? 🙊

#3 Scott Cam is the government’s new ‘career ambassador’ to try and get more people into vocational TAFE courses, but we don’t know if he’s the right person for the job. 🛠

#4 Foster The People are looking to retire their 2010 jam ‘Pumped Up Kicks‘ forever. 😢

#5 These Spotify Wraps are exposing our ‘real’ music tastes (guilty pleasures), but I don’t remember listening to German Techno? 🎧

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