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Lindsay Lohan Is Dropping New Music, And Fans Are Stoked

Lindsay Lohan has strayed away from the music game for years now, making way for her reality TV show Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club and reportedly expanding her club openings in Greece. While we didn’t know we needed new music from her, she is making a musical come back. And everyone seems to be pretty stoked.

Lohan took to Instagram Friday sharing an image of her in the studio. The post, captioned with a simple ominous headphone emoji, left fans wondering what the star is doing next. She followed up with another Instagram post, captioning with musical emoji’s yet again. That Lindsay is just so bloody mysterious.

Rest assured Li-Lo fans, she has confirmed she’s back baby.


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Lohan took to twitter to assure fan’s she’s “Hard at Work” in the studio, right on the precipice of gracing us with new music.

Lohan’s first album “Speak” released in 2004, reportedly made #4 on the top 100 billboard. “A Little More Personal (RAW)” her last album followed just on year later, back in 2005. Since then, Lohan has had one single “Bossy”, which came out in 2008. So, it’s basically been a whole ass decade since she’s released music.

Her song “Rumors” has nearly 9 million listens on Spotify, and her top 5 songs all have well over 1 million listens. This includes of course the bop of the century “Drama Queen (That Girl),” which I probably somehow still know all the words to.

Lohan also shared a picture on Instagram within the past week of she and longtime foe Paris Hilton, congratulating Hilton on her new song  “Best Friend’s Ass.” The music video of Hilton’s new song features Kim Kardashian, and of course Kim Kardashian’s ass.

Pop culture from the early 2000’s hasn’t died. Lindsay Lohan is making a musical comeback. She and Paris Hilton might be friends again. Kim Kardashian is still helping Paris Hilton out. And in case you were wondering, I do hate myself for knowing all of this. Let’s just make sure low rise jeans don’t make a comeback.

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