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How To Feel Like An Independent Adult When You’re Living With Your Parents

Thanks to that little thing called ridiculous rent prices across the country, moving out of home into your own pad or share house may feel like only a dream. The thought of managing your uni degree combined with part time work and overwhelming weekly bills is enough to make anyone want to run for the hills. Condolences to those who had to leave the financial comforts of home due to location issues. Hey, you might have already graduated and landed your dream job, but you’re still stuck with the parentals thanks to your previous backpacking debts.

Putting the financial woes aside, living at home can be truly comforting for some. Free accommodation, home cooked meals and clean clothes every second day. For others, it might feel like a living nightmare; torturous siblings and parents that can’t wait to get rid of you. So whatever your circumstance may be, here are a few ways to create some independence from your household, whether you like it or not.

#1 Contribute Some Weekly Rent

Whether it be $50 a week towards groceries or even $150 for general household costs, your parents will truly reward you if you pay a little to your home. First of all, it’s gonna increase your responsibility, ten fold. You’re going to look like you got your finances in order and in reward, you’ll be buying your way towards a little extra independence and respect from your wiser life figures. Paying a little rent also paves the way towards future independence. Not to mention, gives you a taste for what real world budgeting will one day feel like.

#2 Buy A Car

Okay, so this was supposed to be targeted at those who were on the zero to 500 scale in the bank account but hear me out. If it’s independence you seek, a car will provide. Save up for a second hand, little speed demon and you’ll be thanking yourself for years to come. A car will buy you some extra alone time out of the house without having to constantly ask if you can borrow Mum’s Ford Territory for a late night food run with ya bestie. This investment will make you feel like you have the liberty of an real world adult without signing your name on a new lease.

#3 Communication Is Key

In order to prevent the dreaded phone call from either one of your parents claiming that you treat their home like ‘a half way house’, learn to communicate your schedule with them. By letting your parents know your weekly routine and communicating the importance of your time outside of the home. They will learn to grow and appreciate your well-needed space and independence. All you gotta do is talk it out.

#4 Do Your Chores

Being self sufficient in the home is always a key sign of learned independence. Do your own laundry and keep your room in order. Maybe even cook the fam a dinner or two during the week. Just like financial contribution, household chores are a way to your parents heart and your independence. Taking care of your own things deems you a capable and self sufficient adult. Pat on the back if you can agree to the above.

#5 Make Plans To Move Out

The biggest luxury of living at home, and the reason most of us do so is the cost saving. Forget blowing your cash on weekend benders and the latest shoes. Work towards actually being able to afford a place of your own. Set yourself a date and work towards it. Having a goal will keep you motivated. And we all know that the greatest independence you can achieve is actually moving out anyways.

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