Flume Just Collabed With Rapper Reo Cragun To Drop Their New EP ‘Quits’

Flume aka Sydney-born (yas, home town!) Harley Streten just dropped a new EP with Reo Curgan and it’s just proof that he’s going to keep impressing us with tracks.

The EP includes a previously released track ‘Friends’ (which, by the way, was most played on triple j in the weeks after its release) as well as two new tracks including ‘Levitate’, which premiered as Zane Lowe’s World Record on Apple Music’s Beats 1 overnight.

Flume and Reo Cargun have been working on the EP for a while, and from the sounds of it have been having a good  and wholesome time together as mates as well??

“Around the start of us hanging out he had these crazy fast scooters that took us around his neighbourhood during our session breaks.

“He was building his studio at the time so we would pop in over there and use our imaginations to construct what was to come. It was so inspiring,” Cargun said.

Um? Where can I also find a super fast scooter  (and… a friend, need one of those) to zoom me around the neighbourhood, thanks?

The EP comes bearing a number of special appearances kicking off next week, a bunch of them including:

  • September 27, Melbourne, Australia –  Listen Out
  • September 28, Brisbane, Australia – Listen Out
  • September 29, Perth, Australia – Listen Out
  • October 5, Sydney, Australia – Listen Out
  • October 6, Adelaide, Australia –  Listen In

And, heaps more where those came from! If you’re keen, head out to Flume’s website to catch what other special appearances might be playing!

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