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Pls Stop Acting Like There’s Any Actual Debate Surrounding Climate Change, Thanks

Terry Young, please read a book.

A new Queensland MP has just said we need to discuss “both sides of the debate” at school, so kids can learn about climate change properly.

My response to this is that sir, schools are for learning fact. And climate change isn’t a debate. When are people going to actually start listening to scientists instead of pretending that everything is fine? We’re literally that meme with the dog in the house on fire. Here it is:

Literally everyone that doesn’t believe in climate change rn.

Everyone loves to use that statistic “97% of scientists agree on climate change” because then some dummy can cry “what about the other 3%!!”

Well guess what, actually almost all scientists agree that climate change is a thing! It’s just that 3% of them don’t agree on the causes and severity of it, or that people are behind it. But basically all scientists can tell that some crazy shit is happening to our mother earth! And even then – I think 97% of all scientists should really be enough to agree that climate change is real.

Anyway, so this new Queensland MP Terry Young, who has a Liberal seat in Brisbane, straight up thinks the delusions of climate-skeptics and the factually-conservative are legitimate enough to be taught to children in classrooms. As the other side of the ‘debate’. I have to laugh. Mind you, this is the same guy who reckons we should lower penalty rates, so.

Not believing in climate change is not a factual argument, it doesn’t have any legitimate/scientific/peer reviewed basis. You literally cannot argue with science.

The idea that there is some kind of ‘climate debate’ is misleading. There is no debate. A debate implies two rational, logical sides at opposition. It implies that both sides are valid. Which is totally false in this case, because climate scepticism just comes from people who profit and make money off the destruction of the environment, so there is obviously genuine reason for them to oppose the idea that climate change is a dangerous issue. It’s not impartial to the benefits they receive.

Imagine living in a time where people thinking teaching children basic science is “indoctrinating” them with beliefs through “fear-mongering”? It’s straight up dystopic.

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