Gents; How To Spice Up Your Dating App Profile For Maximum Right Swipes

Look, if there’s one thing I do best, it’s friend-zoning all my guy friends around me. Yep, I’ll admit it. I have a LOT of platonic relationships with guys. What really grinds my gears about these guy friend though is their lack of ability to set up a good profile. Sure, you’re half-decent looking  and you have a great sense of humour, but those three photos of you shirtless on Tinder really isn’t showing it. What I am good at is helping said male friends set up a bomb ass tinder profile, which (may or may not) have landed them lucky (am I talking myself up here? Maybe.). So, I give you my best 5 tips on how to spice up that Tinder profile.

#1 For The Love Of God, Keep Your Damn Shirt On

We get it, you’re a gym junkie, you’re fit and you might have a killer six pack. But we are SICK to death of seeing those typical mirror selfies of you posing with your shirt off. If it’s a nice candid pic of you smiling with your shirt off, I’ll allow it. Posing so hard you look like you’re about to shit yourself? No.

#2 Canine, Felines, Literally Anything

We (the general female race) are suckers for any fluffy four-legged animal. Personally, I’m not a fan of cats but I can’t speak for all the females on Tinder. If your profile features any type of animal you are more than likely to get a right swipe (can’t guarantee this, but from personal experience – yes.)

#3 Opening Photos

So, here’s the deal. Females literally take 1/10th of a second to decide whether we are going to swipe left or right. So that first photo is kinddd of a big deal. Feature something that is of your face, you smiling, and in good lighting, come on now. This isn’t rocket science. On that note, have MORE than one photo, for the love of God. I am sick to death of these ominous profiles with only one photo, instant left swipe.

#4 Bio

Let’s talk about your bio now. It’s definitely a swipe-direction-decider (if you will) If a guy has no bio, I am more than likely going to swipe left pretty much instantly. This is your time to SHINE! Show some of your personality, do you have a good sense of humour? Do you enjoy long, romantic walks to the fridge? Just please don’t put a horrible pick-up line. There is an art to having a good bio too, we don’t want an autobiography on your life story, nor do we want a “  ”  (or your social tags – yes, we’re picky). Find a nice middle ground in-between here.

#5 Stop Catfishing

Okay, okay, okay. There’s a point where you showcase your best photos, and there’s a point where you are strictly only showing your best angle. Give us a well-rounded profile with many photos, BUT (yes, this is yet another art form) please make sure you look similar in these pictures. The amount of guys I’ve seen on tinder that have four different photos and they look different in each is infuriating. How can I know what you really look like???

Image Source: CBS

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