Convo Starters To Help Break (Or Destroy) The Ice On Dating Apps

“I Just Shit My Pants, Can I Get In Yours?”

Ever been on a dating app, swiped right on that hottie hoping for a miracle and your dreams come true and you match? Don’t know how to break the ice? As an avid tinder user, I share with you, the best (and the worst) pick-up lines I’ve received so far.

“I’m Heading Down To Woolies, Need Me To Grab You Anything?”

Acceptable. I liked this one, keep it for the books.

“Are You Looking For A Stud? I Have The STD All I Need Is U.”

No. absolutely not. This is one way to get unmatched (and potentially reported) quickly.

“I’d Ask You To The Movies But They Don’t Let Snacks Inside.”

DEFINITE YES. This one caught me off guard and made me giggle

“Hey, Want To Fuck?”

Look, unless you know they’re here for a good time, not a long time, no. Don’t use.

“Are You… Down To Get To Know Me”

I’ll allow it. Takes a different turn on the forward DTF?

“Is There A Mirror In Your Pants? Because I Can See Myself In Them.”

No. Try again.

“Just Been On The Phone To Spotify, Wondering Why You Don’t Feature In This Weeks Hottest Singles?”

Original. I like it.

“Are You My Appendix? Because This Feeling In My Stomach Makes Me Want To Take You Out.”

Bit gross, next.

“I Just Shit My Pants, Can I Get In Yours?”

Honestly, I read this aloud to my coworkers and it has a 100% success rate around here.

“I’m Jealous Of Your Heart Because It’s Pumping Inside Of You And I’m Not.”

Uhhhhhh, nope.

“If I Flip A Coin, What Are My Chances Of Getting Head.”

I mean, basic statistics tell me 50/50, but this one’s pretty good.

“Does This Mean I Won’t Be A Virgin By The End Of The Week?”

One way to get rid of a girl.

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