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How To Keep Sane (And Your Sense Of Self) During The 24/7 Hustle

Whether it be a sly message on bumble or a family friend asking at a BBQ, the question of, “So what do you do?” is slowly becoming more and more daunting to me. TBH, I don’t have an elevator pitch worthy answer and no one wants to hear about my plethora of casual jobs, internships and the degree (thank god that one’s only singular) that I’m juggling. The more appropriate answer is, “Which day?”

More intimidating yet is the follow up of, “So what do you do in your spare time?” Excuse me? What spare time? I’ve been so blinded by my 9 ’til 5 (or if we’re talking on a Monday or Thursday, 8 ’til 9) that when people ask me to describe myself, I tell them about my job(s). I’m so completely defined by my work ethic that I honestly don’t have anything else to say. Cue my recycled stories from last summer.

Now I’m not saying that the hustle is all bad, but the robotic progression from day to day can make you feel like you’re only just surviving. So instead of getting stuck in that rut, here are my best 3 tips on how to not lose yourself (thanks for the mixed messages Eminem) during your 24/7 hustle.

#1 Make Sure You Actually Enjoy At Least One Of Your Side Hustles

Let’s be real, enjoying what you do is a luxury most hustlers can’t afford. But please listen to me and listen to me hard on this one – you need this. I don’t care if it’s an unpaid internship or your main grind, with such little time to yourself, at least one of your jobs needs to feel at least a little invigorating.

#2 Double Up Social Meet Ups With Things You Actually Enjoy

Now in an ideal world, we’d all have plenty of time to have a leisurely brunch with our friends as well as go to that boxing class – but we don’t always get what we want. Use your multi-tasking skills for your own benefit for once and take your friend to the yoga class you’ve been meaning to go to for like, forever. Dinner with friends? Take it to a live music venue.

#3 Recognise When A Job Is Actually Soul-Destroying

It took me a long time to learn this one – but trust me, your mental health is so much more important than a job. I’m not saying go out and quit without anything lined up (I’d actually strongly advise against that) but be conscious of when that indifference about rocking up to work turns into a sharp stabbing pain in your gut.

So heed my warning, dear reader, and learn from my mistakes. I guarantee that through these 3 easy swaps you’ll almost forget that you haven’t had a day off in a month.

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