The Best Ways To Say Thanks But No Thanks When You’re Being Hit On

If you’re getting hit on and ya not feelin, here’s how you can shut that shit down.

Whoever you are, getting hit on is going to happen. Sometimes it’ll be wanted, sometimes it won’t be. It all depends on who, what, when, where, and why. But I’m here today to help you deal with those times where you’re not so keen on a crack on.

Getting out of a situation where you’re being hit on can be hard. Especially if you’re anything like me and you try to avoid awkwardness or confrontation at all costs. However in my time as both a woman who likes to go out, and a member of bar staff, I’ve worked out a few ways to cut out the awkward and say thanks, but no thanks.

#1 Mention Your Partner


This is such an old faithful method of getting out of an awkward pull. Just casually (or not so casually) drop the existence of a significant other. Whether they exist or not. Letting someone know you’re unavailable is a subtle way of telling them to back off. And if they still persist, you can always just be more direct.

#2 You’re Leaving The Country In The Morning

I may or may not have used this one on a couple of occasions. Telling someone who’s trying to shoot their shot that you’re going international and won’t be back for five years is a sure fire way to get them to stop trying to get laid. And no, you don’t want one more night of local stranger sex. You’re flight is at 6am, and you’re just out for one last hurrah.

#3 Sorry! I Don’t Have Facebook/Instagram/Snapchat/A Phone/The Internet

This one is pretty far fetched in this day and age, but that’s sort of the beauty of it. If someone is coming at you with some intense hit on energy and refuse to hop off, telling them that you’re a digital hermit with no online attachments is basically saying “I just don’t want you to have them”. Because let’s be real. Unless this is happening at your cult’s social mixer, you definitely have Insta.

#4 The Classic Fake Details

If old mate still insists that you must have socials (because you definitely do), giving them fake details is a tried and tested method. The mobile number is the most likely to work, unless they’re one of those sociopaths who then immediately call to “test” it. Giving someone a fake number or @ or surname will be sure that they don’t find your real deets.

#5 Run Away

Cut your losses and head for the bathroom. Pretend that someone deep in the crowd called your name. Get a “phone call” and yell about how you can’t hear the person on the end, and start to back away. Or y’know. Literally just run away. The abruptness will probably startle them so much that they won’t know how to react. Bye bish.

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