Netflix Dropped The Trailer For ‘Dogs’ And We’re Already Sobbing

Netflix might have just dropped the trailer for the best show in the history of Netflix. ‘Dogs.’ That’s it. That’s the title. The six ep series has us happier than we could’ve ever imagined. Can someone pass me the tissues and the nearest puppy?

The docuseries gives an insight into six different stories about the unconditional love between human and dog. Featuring a panel of six award-winning directors, ‘Dogs’ follows stories from around the globe from Japan to the USA, to Syria. Each episode of the series focuses on a different doggo with a completely different story from the last.

‘Dogs’ will give you a deeper look into how intelligent and incredible dogs truly are, and the importance they hold to their human counterparts. It’s a perfect reminder to us that dogs don’t only need humans, but humans need dogs.

Put a reminder in your calender and bookmark Netflix, ‘Dogs’ is set to release November 16. Our tails are wagging with excitement.

Image Credit: Netflix

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