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Netflix Is Making A Witcher Anime Movie AND Filming Season 2

2 for the price of one??

Witcher has been a smash hit since it came out, and seems everyone and their mum has been talking about it. The show’s got an 8.4 rating on IMDB, and has been streamed heaps. Given the nature of hits, it’s not just getting a second season – it’s getting it’s own anime movie.

We know the anime is going to be called The Witcher: Nightmare Of The Wolf, but there aren’t any plot details or release date yet.

The fact that the studio behind Legend Of Korra is part of the production is super exciting, because the Avatar: The Last Airbender universe is incredible, has amazing world-building, and is widely acknowledged as one of the best animated shows ever (and Netflix is giving us more Avatar too).

It’s looking really promising so far, and goddamn we can’t wait. I need something animated to fill the void while I wait for the next season of The Dragon Prince to come out pls.

As for season 2 of Witcher, it’s been revealed that it’s going to really support the world-building in season 1, by exploring characters and kingdoms that had been previously briefly mentioned, ut in more meaningful and substantial ways. Fave characters will finally meet each other, and there’ll be new dynamics.

Season 2 will being filming on the 17th of February 2020, but there isn’t a release date out yet.

Image Sources: Netflix

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