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Excuse Me But Paris Hilton Is Claiming She’s Been “Playing A Character” This Whole Time?

No, this isn’t a Betoota headline.

So, in news absolutely no one was expecting in this already cursed year of 2020, Paris Hilton is revealing in a new doco that her iconic persona was all a made up characterisation, and she’s finally come out as the real Paris. Um, excuse me?

The YouTube documentary, called This Is Paris, is all about getting past the ditsy blonde character she faked when she was on The Simple Life, and learning who the real Paris is – tackling traumatising life events, heart breaks, and “raw” emotion.

The doco is directed by Emmy-winning directer Alexandra Dean, who in the making of this story followed Paris around for a year with her team, with exclusive intimate interviews and access to Paris’ life, both on and off the world’s stage. And apparently, we’ve all been fucking pranked.

“I was in on the joke. People thought that’s who I really was,” Paris Hilton told TV critics.

“I’ve been judged on a character that I created at the beginning of my career and now I feel like it’s really time that people see who the real Paris is.”

The doco isn’t just about who she is now – it covers parts of her life that she’s previously kept really private, like when she stayed at an institution for troubled youth in Utah. Both her sister and mother give candid interviews, which is something that rarely ever happens with Paris Hilton.

Paris told Deadline that her experience shooting this documentary was “emotional” and “raw”, saying she’s “never done anything like this in [her] life”.

“In this film I discuss things I’ve never discussed before. I hope that people are going to see who I truly am.”

“Everything I’ve ever done before was more of me just playing that character again,” Paris Hilton said in the teaser.

“But with this I really just wanted to pull the curtain back and show my real life and talk about things that were very hard to talk about and things that I’ve experienced in life that I’ve never talked about before,” she said.

Look, I don’t know what to think about this whole thing. Is Paris Hilton an evil mastermind who fooled us all? If she is, am I devastated that all her iconic lines weren’t genuine since that person doesn’t actually exist? And also, why does every headline in 2020 sound like it’s written by the Betoota Advocate?

I guess we’ll find out the truth about Paris in May, when the documentary is released.

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