The OG Hi-5 Cast Wants To Do An Adults Only Reunion Concert And The Nostalgia Is REAL


If you weren’t thirsting over Nathan/Tim/Kathleen/Charli/Kellie from Hi-5 in your preschool years, did you even live?

Nathan Foley, the man who made curls sexy way before Harry Styles, has been trying to organise a reunion with the other original Hi-5 cast – for an ADULTS ONLY concert. Umm, YES PLEASE.

It started just after he performed at the bushfire-relief Wiggles concert. He posted on his Instagram asking if people would come to a reunion tour if he organised one – and obviously, he got a huge response.

He then updated fans letting them know he’s organising one and it’s in the works. Obviously, people are in meltdown.

The original cast includes Charli Robinson, Kathleen de Leon Jones, Kellie Crawford and Tim Harding. Charli was everyone’s fave, but that’s just basic in my opinion. A true High-5 connoisseur would recognise that actually, Kathleen was the best Hi-5er. I mean, she was the only ethnic woman on the show and my 5 year old self was obsessed with seeing someone that was even remotely tan/brown-ish on the screen.

Kathleen was the first instance of diversity and representation that I consciously recognised and revered as a brown Australian child and I would die for her.

Kathleen left Hi-5 first because she was preggers with her long-time partners baby, and she’s now happily married with two kids. So is Tim Harding. Nathan was a cruise entertainer for a while which makes a lot of sense but surprised me for some reason, Charli just had a super cute baby, and Kellie’s been furthering her acting/media career.

It’s been a long time since we used to dance to L-O-V-E in mini Hi-5 concerts, and my nostalgia-obsessed self is KEEN for a chance to pretend I’m 5 and the world isn’t in the middle of a climate catastrophe. HELL YEAH.

Image Sources: Nine Network, Southern Star, Twitter

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