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OG Cringe Icon Bridget Jones Wants A Fourth Movie And So Do We

If you’re not excited by the prospect of a fourth Bridget Jones movie you can bugger off. Renée Zellweger is probs the daggiest bloody Brit you’ve ever seen but we can’t help but just adore her cringe-worthy antics. Since the very first release of Bridget Jones’s Diary back in 2001, I’ve formed a very intimate connection with both Jones and Mr Mark Darcy (pronounced Dahhh-cy). In light of this bundle of British awkwardness, I need to take a few deep breaths…

In an interview with The Talk yesterday, Renée Zellweger revealed that if (oh god, please, I beg) there were to be another Bridget Jones instalment, she’d ‘go running’. Which for ol’ Bridgey Jones would be a goddamn sight to be seen. Alas, it’s something I really need to see.

Zellweger joked the remake would be aptly titled, “Bridget Jones: The Menopause”. Personally, I don’t find this to be quite so accurate – Jones will always be the red-cheeked 20-something year old…menopause seems far-fetched, here.

But whilst the details of an actual instalment are a bit vague, we can find comfort in the fact that there’s an outstanding sequel to the series which has not yet been converted into a film. The first two films – Diary and The Edge of Reason – were each based on Helen Fielding’s novels, which also include a third book, Bridget Jones: Mad About The Boy published back in 2013. The release of Bridget Jones’s Baby was a fresh instalment to the storyline, so there would need to be some serious storyline re-working. Nonetheless, I think we have the time and resources for such a project. I back it.

Essentially, we can all rest assured that Jones could in fact be back on the big-screen. She may be a little older, but she’s still got the usual ungracefulness we know and love her for.

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