Pinterest Life Hacks That Are Actually Useful (I Swear)

I know, I know – there are so many life hacks floating around Pinterest that make you want to cringe and delete the app immediately. We have another article on that, which you should read if you’re in the mood for pulling out your hair.

Jokes aside though, if you troll through the dark and scary waters of Pinterest for long enough, there are some genuinely useful hacks out there. Once you see them, you can’t un-see them, because they make you feel like the mind-blown emoji on an emotional level.

Anyway, after decades of academic research; here is our carefully curated list of the most useful life hacks on Pinterest.

#1. Two Birds With One Stone (Or Mug)

Source: Pinterest (@Tami) 

This is some next level sorcery! So simple, yet so life changing.

#2. Tupperware, Who?

Source: Pinterest (@Scarlett)

It sounds stupid, but I cannot count the amount of times the spaghetti has flown out of the cupboard and hit me in the head. This is such a nifty solution and a great excuse to eat a whole can of Pringles to myself.

#3. Kinda CUT I Didn’t Think Of This Myself

Source: Pinterest (@Emily Perry) 

This makes perfect sense. No more walking around with little pieces of toilet paper stuck to me!

#4. Hold Your GPA Together With This Band-Aid

Source: Pinterest (@Karma Krosby)

Cheating is very bad. But this life hack is very good.

#5. Festival Fresh Breath

Source: Pinterest (@Natasha Dorrian) 

This is the most ingenious hack for sneaking your vodka into a music festival. A camping festival though… Bringing a whole bottle of Listerine to a one-day-festival would be super weird.


Source: Pinterest (@The Craft Patch) 

Okay we are going to ignore the fact that the Lazy Susan was the best invention EVER and focus on how great it’s going to be to not loose my mayos amongst my mustards.

#7. Food Baby

Source: Pinterest (@DoctorForLove) 

Disclaimer: this one will probably only work if you’re a woman.

#8. Hidden Vodka Red Bull Fund

Source: Pinterest (@Chevy Anderson)

This has legit changed the festival game! Grab one of these sticky card holder thingies and slap it on the inside of your Dr Martins. No excuses for loosing your money now. (Unless you drink too many voddy Red Bulls and forget the money is in your shoe.)

#9. Cold-Meat Cam

Source: Pinterest (@Beat Schaffer) 

A very, very important life hack. Puppy grams = life.

#10.  EGGcelent Work

Source: Pinterest (@Renae | New Ways Nutrition | Family Meals + Life With Kids) 

Believe it or not this actually does work. Save time getting all those protein gains. #SWOLE.

#11. Spoon HOLDer On A Sec…

Source: Pinterest (@My Rustic Attic)

No 1000LifeHacks, I did not know this. But now that I do, I will be using my spoon holder every time I cook.

#12. Dip For My Chip

Source: Pinterest (@Ashley Witcome)

But before I get too excited, is there is another glass with actual wine in it somewhere?

#13. Magical Micellar Water

Source: Pinterest (@Meg) 

Serious question, is this stuff pooped out by unicorns or something? Why is it so magical?

#14. Bevy On The Beach?

Source: Pinterest (@Darrell Minch)

Perfect for when you really want to crack a cold one with the boys. But also don’t want to cop a fine with the boys…

Image Sources: Pinterest 

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