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5 Quick Hygiene Hacks For When You’re Feeling Lazy AF

Showers are not always available, okay?

Look, I know having an elaborate and time consuming body and skincare routine is all the rage these days. Most of the time, I’m pretty good with completing my 20 minute long skin care routine. But the truth is, there are times when I can’t keep up that level of maintenance – especially if I’m travelling or staying out of home. Maybe you don’t have access to the products you need – or maybe you’re depressed and just can’t bring yourself to do it that day. Either way, here are some hygiene hacks for when you feel like a slob and just can’t be as clean as you want to be.

#1 Wet Wipes Are A God Send

If there’s one thing you get out of this article, it’s that wet wipes are your best friend. Invest in some body wipes (there’s tea tree ones out there made specifically for shower-skippers) and now you can miss that shower without feeling like a failure of a human –  just cleanse up whatever part of you is feeling gross with the wipes, and you’re fresh for a few more hours.

Maybe this is my grossest hack because it indulges the skipping of showers, but let’s be real – sometimes, for whatever reason, you can’t shower and this is the next best way to keep yourself clean.

#2 Toner When Ya Can’t Be Bothered Washing Your Face

A lot of face toners have an alcohol base, which means they’re actually quite intense and maybe a bit abrasive. They’re often also really drying, which means you know they’re stripping your skin of any nasty build up, make up, dirt and oil. They generally also cleanse your pores.

Of course, you’re supposed to use these after you wash your face, but sometimes you don’t have the time or will power and I get it. Use a toner on a cotton pad to get all that grime off your mug with or without washing your face, and you’ll feel noticeably cleaner. Don’t skip the moisturiser afterwards though, because then your skin will dry up – trust me on that one.

#3 Chewing Gum When You Forget To Brush Your Teeth

Not brushing my teeth is honestly distressing. But also I almost always forget my tooth brush when I stay over at other people’s houses. Keep some minty gum in your bag/car/whatever, and chew a couple up when you forget your tooth brush. Your teeth won’t be perfectly clean but it’ll get rid of breath issues and actually will get rid of surface area build up because of the sticky nature of gum.

#4 Always Have Hand Sanitiser On You

Honestly, this doesn’t even belong in a lazy hygiene hacks list. It’s useful for every occasion. Did you know that some air dryers in bathrooms actually deposit germs onto your freshly cleansed hands because they recycle bacteria ridden air? Yeah, me neither until a few days ago and it grossed me out so much that I now carry a hand sanitiser 24/7. It’s just handy.

#5 Dry Shampoo And A Touch Of Coconut Oil/Hair Serum

I’m 99% sure that everyone already uses dry shampoo because honestly it’s a life saver, and probably in every hygiene hacks article ever. Washing and drying and then styling your hair is time consuming AF – I actually schedule what days I’m going to have the time to wash and dry my hair, and I’ll skip if I feel like I’m too busy.

Once you’ve dry-shampood the scalp grime away, actually add a bit of coconut oil or hair serum to the ends of your hair too. That’ll keep them soft, because the gap between conditioning can be a real killer.

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