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Splendour’s Aussie Mystery Act Has Been Revealed And It Will Surprise No One

Back when the Splendour in the Grass lineup dropped, there was one thing that piqued everyone’s interest. The band listed only as an “Aussie Mystery Act” was on everyones lips, with people taking guesses at who it would be.

Well, this morning, on the triple j Instagram account, the Mystery Act has finally been revealed. And honestly? Not worth the hype.


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The @splendourinthegrass mystery act is no longer a mystery, baby!

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Yep. Ocean Alley.

Now look, I’m not saying they’re not a great band. And I’m not saying that they don’t deserve a spot on the Splendour lineup. They won Hottest 100 for a reason, and they’ve been kicking some pretty bloody big goals since then. But to be the band behind the Aussie Mystery Act is honestly pretty boring.

The responses on the Instagram are not suuuper supportive. One user responded with “That is so lame ? why was that a mystery” another with “That’s so annoying”, and plenty of versions of “Wow I don’t think anyone saw this coming”.

At any rate, they’re bound to put on a great show. I guess you could say I’ve got “Confidence (in them), Baby!”

Image source: triple j Twitter (@triplej)

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