We Visited Sydney’s Newest Arcade Bar And The 90s Nostalgia Is Major

Sydney’s newest arcade bar is a boozy-filled ‘kidult’ playground with every kind of arcade game a 90s kid could possibly dream of! B. Lucky and Sons lets you smash your mates down a hot lap of rainbow road as you fuel yourself on alcoholic bubble tea and decently-sized snacks to keep your competitive edge firing. If you haven’t versed your mate in a boozy-fuelled match of air hockey, do you even arcade, mate?

B. Lucky and Sons have been bringing out the competitive streaks in people across the east coast of Australia and they’ve finally arrived in Sydney’s Entertainment Quarter to continue all the fun. It’s the ultimate arcade player’s paradise, and even if you’re not quite the raging gamer, this arcade bar is pretty much a guaranteed good vibe with a DJ and sizeable food/bevvy menu. There’s also boujee cocktails to indulge in, too.

Equipped with all the classic arcade-style games, like PacMan, air hockey and old-school dance battle games, you can round up your mates for a guaranteed 90s nostalgia-inducing game night that’s a level above your average pub night or post-work drinks. There’s also dress ups and a pawn shop for you to redeem all your winnings (if you’re good enough, anyway).

Source: B. Lucky and Sons Facebook. 

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