More Women Are In Parliament Than Ever, But It’s Still Not Enough

You may be feeling particularly low after this weekend’s election results, but there is some good news to come from the shitstorm that is #auspol.

Let’s have some applause for the record-breaking 81 women entering the 46th Australian parliament!

Yes, ladies. WORK. 👏🏻

Analysis by The Australian has revealed that this election is the first when women have made up over one-third of federal politicians in both houses, with increases from all major parties across the board.

Even the Coalition has increased its female representation by at least four (which is a great thing, considering the number of female politicians who abandoned the party in the past 12 months citing the party’s ‘boys club’ sexist bully culture).

The election has awarded five more women a place in the lower house (making up 45 reps out of 151), and another five in the Senate, making the split it almost 50/50, with at least 35 women in the 76 seats.

As for the notable parties:

The Coalition has gained at least 25 female parliamentarians (including ten new faces), up by four.

The Greens have held on to their five female senators. One Nation, Centre Alliance, and the Jacqui Lambie Network will have one woman. Two independents will sit in the lower house.

But Labor’s wiping the floor for representation, with 41 women elected in parliament, with 16 female senators outnumbering their 11 males.

Beyond that, Buffalo Bill (Shorten) has stepped down as Labor Leader and has backed his deputy Tanya Plibersek for the opposition’s top gig. And it seems like she’s got the support of her party-members in Quensland and Victoria, and of the general public – she’s more popular than Albo (Anthony Albanese), at least.

Looks like the next few years are going to be the era of strong female political reps and snappy power suits marching through the hallowed halls of Parliament House and battling it out during Question Time.

Idk about you, but I’m excited.

But seriously? Only one-third of our decision-makers represent half the population?

It’s just not enough.

And when you think about it, there are even fewer representatives of other races, ethnicities, religious, socio-economic, and other various intersectional identity lines.

When you break it down like that, we’ve got a long way to go.

Yeah, it’s a nice step forward for a government that’s notoriously bullied women into quitting their jobs.

And it’s a way that we can hopefully squeeze out the misogyny and sexism that overflows and echoes through the red and green chambers.

And while I’m stoked for the progress that women have made in politics – and I would never want to take away from their hard work (you go, girls!) – it’s going to take more than more one good election to get some real, functioning equality.

Either way, the future is looking a little brighter with more females on the parliamentary party bus.

Image: GIPHY, Twitter (@tanyaplibersek)


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