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Subscription Platforms Like OnlyFans Aren’t The Problem, The Shaming Of Sex Workers Is

Shaming people isn’t cool, so pls just stop.

The coronavirus pandemic has cost so many people around the world their jobs. The state of the economy has taken a massive hit, and it’s no secret that it’ll take a long time to recover. Sex workers are among the people who have lost part of, or all of, their incomes – and have suffered with finding work throughout this crisis. People around the world are in need of money and work, and many have turned to online content sharing platforms like OnlyFans so that they can still earn money during isolation.

But I’ve been noticing on social media lately that of the people who post content, it’s usually women that have been on the receiving end of some pretty fucking harsh backlash. Over the past few weeks, I’ve seen a lot posts about OnlyFans, an online service where users pay a monthly fee to content creators in exchange for videos, photos, and messages. In all of the posts I’ve seen across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even TikTok, both men and women have been slut shaming female content creators.

Empowerment Or Filth?

Some girls have been complaining about their S.O. subscribing to OnlyFans and wondering whether this counts as cheating. They then proceed to hate on female sex workers in the comments of these posts, as though it’s their fault that people’s partners are paying them for content. Men have also been getting pissed at their girlfriends and breaking up with them for selling content on OnlyFans, and then publicly shaming them social media.

I’m not saying that the concerns of partners aren’t valid, because they totally are. But if it’s a problem for you, talk to your partner about it first. Talk about what you’re both comfortable with, within your own relationship. Don’t go shaming your partner for either subscribing or for creating content. It’s not wrong to want to create content, and it’s not wrong being uncomfortable with your partner posting or paying for this content. What IS wrong though, is the public shaming of women and sex workers just for doing their jobs.

Taking ownership of one’s own body in whatever way they choose for themselves is empowering and should be encouraged, but society’s internalised misogyny tells us that this is wrong. Women shouldn’t feel like they’re shamed into submission.

What’s The Real Issue Here?

I think that the issue some people have with women selling images or videos of themselves comes down to power and control. Platforms like OnlyFans allow women to have control and ownership over their own bodies, to make decisions about what they do with their bodies and who these actions are for. There’s a certain level of power and autonomy that comes with this, because they have made the choice for themselves.


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Totally unrelated pic of me but like, I’ve just been wondering in the last few days, why do so many people have issues with people who are content creators on OnlyFans or private snapchats or whatever the fuck? I regularly get trolls DMing me, telling me to get an only fans, trying to weaponise it against me but I genuinely take it as a compliment. You think I can sell my nudes for like, cash? Thank you! The people who have an issue with OnlyFans are more than likely to be people who watch free porn on tube sites. They are ok with sexualising women when they feel as though they have the power. The minute a woman stands to benefit from the porn that they are consuming, they call them a slut, tell them to “get a real job” (hey dude, can you explain what a “real job” is?), and insinuate that what they are doing isn’t work. Sex work is real work, as long as someone is getting paid for a service, they are working…? So many people want to be Martyrs, saying that “AT LEAST I WORK HARD FOR MY MONEY”… ok M8, enjoy working 60 hours a week in a job you probably don’t enjoy just to be able to slut shame with the boys. Over this misogynistic bullshit that is only growing as more people get into OnlyFans and enjoy (more so) ethical porn . (Before trolls start saying some shit about me only having this mindset because of x reason, I literally had a debate with a Nun in year 9 about consensual prostitution being morally good so like )

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Of course, women can find this kind of power and control through other avenues. I’ve begun to find mine through writing, educating myself about particular issues, and discussing these things with other people. It’s usually my family that I talk to – my brother and his girlfriend acted as my sounding board for this (thanks guys!). But I’m not going to degrade, shame or judge anyone who chooses a different path.

If you don’t agree with platforms like OnlyFans, that’s fine too. You don’t have to. Just, please, don’t be like this guy:


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