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Sydney Somehow Wins TripAdvisor’s Best Destination In Entire South-Pacific

The winner of TripAdvisor’s Traveller’s choice was announced and the list was definitely not what we were expecting. In fact, we’re kind of scratching our heads. Never the less, the people have spoken. So here are the top 10 (apparent) best destinations for a sneaky visit, and be the judge for yourself.

#1 Sydney, NSW

Not only did Sydney win out of the entire South-Pacific, but it’s been the favourite for the second consecutive year. In Sydney’s defence, it does have a tonne to do that, as a tourist, you’re bound to drool over. The warm beaches, culture and art, a beautiful harbour and food precincts are all fair game.. until you move here permanently and those features come with crippling debt.

#2 Gold Coast, QLD

While the Surfer’s Paradise strip kinda leaves you cringing, there’s no denying that the smarm-ish charm of it makes you chuckle. On the flip side however, the GC is home to beautiful national parks that are perfect for a day venture. The notorious Islander Hotel is also getting a makeover, and to top it off, the Commonwealth Games are being hosted there next month.

#3 Melbourne, VIC

Alright, now we’re talking, and at a dismal number three, no less (should’ve been number one.) Regardless of the status, nothing can take away from the killer brunch spots, arts hubs and overall NYC-esk vibe of the city. You may not have won this round Melbs, but you’re still the most liveable (and lovable) city.

#4 Brisbane, QLD

Again, this is surprising, but as a former Brissy resident it can be confirmed that this city is cheap as chips to holiday within. From the Valley (the nice part) to the City, and West End to Southbank, there’s actually a decent amount to do if you’re down for a sneaky weekend getaway. The added beauty? The city is small so activities are in easy reach. Oh, and there’s also a Koala sanctuary (just FYI.)

#5 Hobart, TAS

You’d be lying if you thought Tassy wasn’t adorable. With surrounding mountains to capture your attention, gourmet food and busy marketplaces, this is a cosy little spot that you’ll love spending time in. All this place is missing is their old tours of the Cadbury factory (those were the days.)

The Remaining Faves

#6 Perth, WA

White beaches, hot temps and a sneaky underground bar or two? We’d dabble.

#7 Rad-elaide, SA

Go for the wine.

#8 Cairns, QLD

You can see the Great Barrier Reef before it’s bleached to pieces.

#9 Port Douglas, QLD

There are beautiful markets, beaches and rainforest to get swept up in.

#10 Noosa, QLD

You’ll find boutique shops and world class surf beaches right on the esplanade’s doorstep. You wont want to leave.

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