Sydney Trains Are Totally Fucked Again And Twitter Is Going Off

Here we go again.

I’d say Sydney trains are a joke, but jokes are supposed to make you laugh.

Due to an actual derailment at Circular Quay, people found that their morning commute to work in the city was absolute bedlam (AGAIN), with crowds that are beyond fucked.

Naturally, the dreaded #sydneytrains tag was trending on Twitter, and the results are tragic in a kind of funny way. I think. I can’t tell if I’m laughing or crying anymore, I just want to travel without having to leave my house two hours early.

Of course, when you add in all the on-going coronavirus hysteria, the chaotic crowd escalates to become the kind of shit you see in disaster movies.

TBH, it’s ridiculous how much we actually pay to use a service that doesn’t even work. Petition to declare that our taxes should cover Opal card fees since they’re meant to be used for public infrastructure anyway? WHY AM I PAYING TWICE.

And yes, before anyone says otherwise – I completely blame the government for this chaos, because they’re the ones privatising buses, spending millions on the barely-functional light rail, and neglecting much needed funding for the Sydney trains. Don’t @ me on this.

The saddest part is how while this is an absolute shit-show, it’s not even that out of the ordinary. At this point, it’s what we expect.

Image Sources: Twitter

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