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The Iconic Motorola Flip Phone Is Making A 2020 Comeback, But The Price Ain’t So Nice

Why don’t you put your number in my Motorola?

As the future welcomes us every day it seems that all the things that used to be trendy back in the days seem to make a comeback, like the iconic Motorola flip phone. Aka “the cool kid phone” back before Steve Jobs welcomed the iPhone into our lives.

2020 welcomes the ‘Motorola Razr’ and since the guys at Motorola are very edgy, not only did they misspell razor for the comeback, but they’re asking customers a very tiny amount of $2699 for the phone itself (pre-order)!

No biggie!!!

That’s like the price of two iPhones y’all…suddenly the famous lyrics “My Mo, my Mo, in my Motorola” seem to fade away and instead you’re left with “My Mo, my Mo, my money….”

But, if you’re looking for that futuristic 2020 look, and have the coin to invest in this new icon, then be my guest. Because, even though the price is hefty, the phone looks hella cool, it’s pretty much your typical touch screen smartphone but bonus – you can flip it open and close.

And I’m calling it now, the phone will either heavily flop with its initial release in Feb, or it will overtake the iPhone.

Either way, is this comeback something we need or shall we bury the iconic flip phone and leave it where it belonged, in the past?

If you’re a die-hard techy or simply love and miss the Motorola in your life, check out the promo vid and all the features this guy will feature;

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