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There’s a Free Fashion Exhibit In Melbourne, and You Won’t Want To Miss It

Calling all Melbournian fashionistas, you are in for a boujee treat.

Fashion enthusiasts, lace up your Dr. Martens, paint on that glowy make up and prepare yourself for NGV’s The Krystyna Campbell-Pretty Fashion Gift on display now.

This exhibit features a dreamy array of haute couture and contemporary fashion, and it will be going on in Melbourne until 14 July.

The best part, aside from the Met Gala-esque gowns, is this exhibit is free entry. I repeat, free.

When I say Met Gala-esque gowns, I mean a literal Met Gala dress Sarah Jessica Parker wore in 2006 designed by Alexander McQueen on display now. Ah!


As I’m sure you know, fashion and free don’t usually go hand and hand so take advantage of this moment.

This exhibit displays over 150 vintage and new garments ranging from 1890 to 2019, funded by philanthropist Krystyna Campbell-Pretty. It is in honor of her husband who has since passed, adding a totally sweet element.

Top brands on display include Chanel, Alexander McQueen, Christian Dior, Balenciaga, Yves Saint Laurent and much more.

This will be like walking through a Carrie Bradshaw wonderland (my dream).

Not only is the notable fashion a depiction of earth-shattering art, but it’s also a brief in history. From Flapper girl dresses to Suffragette realness, you can be inspired by fashion queens through out the past century.

Besides, contemporary fashion tends to mimic trends from the past anyways. I mean who doesn’t love a good peasant aesthetic?

Along with seemingly endless garments, the exhibit features rare fashion magazines, clothing samples, and original sketches.

You’ll end up leaving this exhibit feeling inspired.

Even though you’ll probably go home and put on your pajamas if you’re anything like me, the fashion inspo will be alive in your heart.

Image Source: National Gallery of Victoria Facebook,

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