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5 Things To Binge Watch So You Can Heal After GoT

Cause we know how empty it feels.

Okay, so Game of Thrones is over, and you’re looking for something to ease you out of the trauma that the finale left you with. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Here are some great shows to binge watch this weekend.

#1 The Leftovers

Supernatural drama and argued best TV show of all time (by my film buff partner), The Leftovers takes place after the mysterious disappearance of 2% of the world’s population, called the ‘Sudden Departure’. Obvs, some people don’t cope well with the disappearance of 140 million people, and so this show is about the tensions and drama that follow. It’s got great ratings and is based on a best seller, who’s author is an executive producer on the show. Plus, the finale was well received by fans, so you know this will be a binge watch you can trust.

#2 Barry

Barry is another HBO show, about a hit-man who wants to be an actor. It’s a dark comedy following a morally flawed character as he tries to leave his old life behind. The dark protagonist thing is reminiscent of Breaking Bad, and so if you’re a fan of that show this one’s for you. The show’s funny and witty with dark drama. If that didn’t convince you, it’s got a 99% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

#3 Lord of The Rings

Okay, I know everyone’s seen Lord of The Rings, but it’s a classic and the perfect comfort series to binge watch on a cold winter’s day. Clutch that cup of hot choccie and enjoy great battle scenes, nostalgic (but still awesome) fantasy action, without the shitty killing of a strong female warrior. Lord of The Rings is like chicken soup for the soul, it’s a guaranteed pick me up and satisfying AF.

#4 Mad Men

Mad Men has won heaps of awards, including a Golden Globe, and Emmy for best drama. It’s a layered and intense drama following Don Draper, an alpha male on the top of Madison Avenue’s advertising scene in 1960’s New York. The acting and writing is fantastic, and the pace quickens the further you watch. Plus, in my honest opinion, the female characters are hilarious and totally make the show. No bad writing here, no sir!

#5 Outlander

Outlander is historical fantasy period romance drama (yeah, it’s a lot), about a 20th century nurse who gets transported back in time to the 18th century Highlands. It’s paced a bit slower than some of these other recommendations, but it’s one of those things that builds into greatness. It’s got the steamy sex scenes that GoT used to be famous for, but is a much more focused story. There are some real life history and battles that are integral to the plot of the show, so you’ll come out of it knowing a bit more about the world too.

So, grab your blankets and curl up this chilly weekend to treat yourself to a good ol’ binge watch. After the shit us GoT fans have just endured, you earned it.

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