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Ummm, So You Can Now Get Nudie Rudie At This Popular Bar In Sydney

If you’ve ever wanted to wine and dine naked, now you can.

Yes, you read that title correctly; Sydney’s favourite speakeasy, Stitch Bar is hosting regular nudist events from October 27th. If you’ve ever felt the desire to strip down to your birthday suit with a bunch of naked strangers and indulge in whiskey and hot dogs, now’s your chance fellas. Someone forward Prince Harry an invite.

The whole shebang is in collab with the Young Nudists Of Australia. The group promotes body positivity through hosting regular naked events for young people. So basically a whole bunch of young activists getting nakey outside the realm of Snapchat.


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The event which is titled ‘Bottom’s Up,’ runs from 3pm to 8pm and only costs $30 per person. This includes a glass of wine, beer or soft drink. Stitch’s full menu will be available on the night, which means a hot dogs and tacos. How fitting….

The free ball’in people of the Young Nudist Society make it very clear that this is a non-sexual event. I wish them the best of luck with agenda…

Anyway, the event is strictly 18+ (thank God) and photo ID will be required at the door. Once patrons get inside they get nakeyyyy and leave their clothes in what would have to be Australia’s most extensive cloak roam. They then get given a lanyard to store their cards and cash, because obviously, our birthday suits do not come fitted with pockets.

For hygiene reasons the staff are not permitted to get Vanessa Hudgens circa 2007 style naked and must remain fully clothed at all times. Next time you curse your boss for making you work on a public holiday, just be grateful your boss isn’t making you work a nudist event.

Karl Schlothauer, CEO of House of Pocket (the company that owns Stitch) has said, “We love to push the boundaries. Who knows, if this is well received, you could end up seeing this rolled out across a few of our venues.”

If getting your kit and caboodle out in public sounds right up your alley, you can purchase tickets here.

We probably won’t be seeing you there.

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