Vox Pop – Tim Suggate

Every week Vox Pop chats to millennials from all over Australia, getting their opinion on current happenings and issues from all over the globe. Short, sharp opinions that are straight to the point.

Name: Tim

Age: 25

Occupation: Sports Coach

Donald Trump has been named Time’s person of the year, to much internet rage. Deserved for his notoriety or disappointing?

I think it’s a tad disappointing, I’m not the biggest fan of Trump and surely there has to be someone who is a lot more deserving of the award.

Sydney’s lockout laws have been relaxed with cutoff times pushed back across the board, progress or more to be done?

It’s definitely some progress in the right direction. I still think it could be better, in my opinion the lockout laws are a bit of joke and are really hindering Sydney’s nightlife and lifestyle.

Video of a man punching a kangaroo in an effort to save his dog from a chokehold has gone viral. Unbelievably Aussie or a bit of a stitch up?

I think it’s an absolute classic and will be seen around the world as unbelievably Aussie. The bloke should go down as a legend in Australian folklore.

This week a trial into the use of MDMA for medicinal purposes made news. The next medicinal cannabis or unlikely to eventuate?

I’m no medical expert by a long shot, but I cant see this eventuating into more than just a trial.

The trailer for the second instalment of Guardians of The Galaxy came out this week, hard to beat the original or excited to see?

I honestly haven’t watched the first one. Saying that its always very hard to beat the original, not many sequels have ever been better than the original.

The best beach in Australia has been named, Cossies Beach and it’s a little known island paradise half way between Perth and Bali. What’s your pick for best beach across the country?

It’s got to be Freshie! All the northern beaches of Sydney are quality.

Dick Smith has come out this week in support of Pauline Hanson and offered his services to One Nation. Were you surprised?

A little surprised thought an Australian icon of his stature wouldn’t be supporting someone as controversial as Pauline Hanson.

HECS fees nationally have been estimated to reach $716m a year. A decent system for university funding or do you think there’s a better way?

It seems a bit steep doesn’t it? I don’t think it’s the worst system going around but I do believe that there is a better way. Just adopting and adjusting other countries university systems that seem to work would be a step in the right direction right?

Ex Premier Barry O’Farrell has been announced as the new head of Racing Australia, the national horse racing body. Odd career move or reeks of corruption?

Does seem like an odd career move. Who knows maybe he’s always just loved a punt and a day at the races, I know I do!

Triple J Hottest 100 voting opens next week, what’s your pick of tunes for best of the year?

I’m more of a classic chooon kind of a guy, but if I had to pick I’d say Flume will definitely be there or abouts.

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