We’re All Freaks: PornHub Insights While Facebook And Instagram Were Down Say A Lot About Humanity

The other week, Facebook and Instagram crashed. I’m sorry for reminding you of that horrifying time in our lives, but what happened during the outage has proved pretty interesting. Because now we know what happens when people are bored and their hands are itching. Apparently, the answer is… 🥁🥁🥁

Wank. Yep. When the world’s biggest social media sites were down, we all went to PornHub.

From 12pm Eastern time (roughly when the crash occurred), PornHub’s traffic spiked by a dramatic 11%. For the worlds biggest free porn site, that’s a lot more horny people.

And the stats don’t stop there. Once 7pm rolled around, which is peak porn time as it is, PornHub experienced a 19% spike on normal usage. Once again, tonnes of randy folks looking to occupy their scrolling thumb.

The search terms changed too. With people desperate for their social media fix, the search term “Facebook” increased 221%, and “Instagram” porn search increased a whopping 323%. I can imagine what Instagram porn might look like, but Facebook porn, I’m at a loss.

Celebrity porn also got a sizeable boost. “Emrata”, “Ariana Grande” and “Shay Mitchell” all featured with 37%, 32% and 29% spikes respectively. And it wouldn’t be a social media storm without some Kardashian/Jenner appearances. “Kendall Jenner” searches increased 25%, and “Kylie Jenner” just behind with 24%.

There was also an unexplained 308% spike in people searching for “tentacle porn” but hey, we can leave that between those users and the good lord.

I guess what we can all learn from this is that people are freaky and when we’re bored we get randy. Good one humanity!

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